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  1. padrao

    Omet Offset Flexo

    Omet PDF marks Omet PDF marks Is there any Prepress person with experiencie to produce the jobs for this machines ? I just need one template in PDF format , or all the needed marks in PDF . Is there any CD like the Dipco from Heidelberg ?? Where I can get all the information to create the...
  2. padrao

    Omet Offset Flexo

    Hello to everyone . Is there any place where i can get information about the templates , special marks to use with this machine . If possible one pdf manual will be great . All the Best padrao
  3. padrao

    DIPS DC CLOSE LOOP Software from Printflow .

    Hi to all . Is there anyone using the DIPSDC,version 2 ? What experiences do you have wotking with one CD74 with Prepress Interface and close loop only . Can this be used to control jobs with a very very short printing length, like for example 200 sheets . . i Have some problems with the...
  4. padrao

    Which software can move CMYK curve of a pdf?

    The best form is the Acrobat plugin´s from Heidelberg . The name for this software is PDF TOOLBOX 2013 . With that you can lots of things and there is one ColorManagement . With that you can convert one PDF using any icc profile you need . Maybe you can ask for a demo , and the best of all is...
  5. padrao

    Prosetter 74. gives error 3260

    Gripper problems, you need a Heidelberg tech . . .
  6. padrao

    Folding carton software

    You can check also the SignaPack Pro or Packaging Pro from Heidelberg . Check both animations generated on SignaPackPro , this software is very easy to work . Ask for a demo on your Heidelberg agency .
  7. padrao

    FujiFilm XMF 5.0.1 - Alias Black to a spot colour??

    Hi with Heidelberg workflow that work with no problems :)
  8. padrao

    Prinect Signa Station

    3 words Master Data Storaged 3 words Master Data Storaged Ask help from your local Heidelberg . Its the best way to know what software you have there ... Most don´t know what they have, work with only 30% production from what software was developed for . . .
  9. padrao

    Printing problem , labels .

    any idea ????
  10. padrao

    Printing problem , labels .

    Hi . I am facing some problems with printing labels on one old SM74 Cptronic 1.04 . The printer guy says the problem is from plates, and i say the problem is on your press machine . The printer is complain about the labels from the middle are different from the left and right side . The press...
  11. padrao

    Freehand gradients visible steps

    Thanks for all help . This was one issue from one customer that say´s on other RIp´s i don´t have problem´s . . . This was output on Prosetter with correct lineariazation done.If i create one gradient from 100 to 0 all perfect . This kind of file maybe it´s better to create the gradient on...
  12. padrao

    Freehand gradients visible steps

    Hi to all . I have one question about freehand gradients . I have one file, with a gradient from freehand, witch change from from 6 to 0. After several test i always gets the banding, the steps are very visible . Is there any way to produce a smooth gradient from freehand ? See attached files...
  13. padrao

    Multiline Classic .Glunz-jensen film developer issue .

    the missing files.
  14. padrao

    Multiline Classic .Glunz-jensen film developer issue .

    I have one problem with this model, as soon i switch the machine, automatically start to work the Dryer ,water valve open and the hearts on, like he gets film on input . I heve check all the parameters and all appear to be ok, via diagnostic i can start, test, all the sensors and motor´s all...
  15. padrao

    Error 7804 - Plate not detected on drum On Suprasetter

    endless problems on Suprasetter ???? endless problems on Suprasetter ???? Hi , where are you locate ? What Suprasettter version do you have , A Series or S,H . Is that a new CTP ? . To adjust the encoder ,glass wheel, you need a special lupe, and is very very critical to find the correct...
  16. padrao

    Nanographic Printing Technology from Benny Landa

    Heidelberg and Landa Enter Global Strategic Partnership to Expand Digital Offerings Heidelberg and Landa Enter Global Strategic Partnership to Expand Digital Offerings Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg), Germany, and Landa Corporation of Rehovot, Israel, today announced a global...
  17. padrao

    Future of printing industry ?

    What do you think will happen with offset printing? Packaging is the last refuge? Much of the work offset are disappearing with the Internet, information, newspapers, and the printing lenght are getting shorter Regarding digital printing i don´t see a good future for tonner based machines...
  18. padrao

    Corel X5 Gradient lead postscript error

    Corel X5 problem . Corel X5 problem . Hi . Thanks for all support , i know if i create on PDF its ok . But my question is why this file don´t work with corel X5. If i open this file with a lower version like 4 example X4 everything is ok . I will try do do some tests ,i know if i convert...
  19. padrao

    Corel X5 Gradient lead postscript error

    Hi . I hope any one can help understanding where the problem is comming , I have one file ,witch i can print ok with corel X3, X4 but on X5 always get postcript error. " %%[ Error: typecheck; OffendingCommand: ifelse ]%% Stack: {--pop-- --currentoverprint-- {false} {SeparateInColor {0 0 0 0...
  20. padrao

    Heidelberg Delta Tower with Rips, Books, dongles

    Delta 9, what ????? Delta 9, what ????? Where did you get that version ? Maybe itÅ› Signa 9 or a new version that Heidelberg is missing ? And one Delta Tower serial, hum i dont know what you are trying to sell, maybe a toast machine . Please can you be a litle more clear .


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The Push To Be a More Versatile Printer
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