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  1. michaelejahn

    Does work?

    While doing that in a price table would be tricky ( a nice word for impossible ) it sure seem like if OPS offered a formula that looked at total sheets in the job - then used THAT to calculate when to apply a price break, that would solve the problem. But you mention they require $1000.00 to...
  2. michaelejahn

    Cutting Costs with a Smart Workflow

    Wonderful Article @noelward ! Chad is a avid user and many of his feature request have become our most popular tools.
  3. michaelejahn
  4. michaelejahn

    Hi Dov, This is making me nutz ( not a very far drive, i know ) - can't figure out what Adobe...

    Hi Dov, This is making me nutz ( not a very far drive, i know ) - can't figure out what Adobe Illustratior setting to tell customer to change - this is the second customer reporting this... 2023-04-05_Prima
  5. michaelejahn


    @jwheeler - we are a software developer and many of our customers offer embroidery and screen printing services. Here are some observations I have seen -
  6. michaelejahn

    PDF question

    here is the file agreed. I fixed the original post so the URL now works - thanks for pointing that out as well. I had no idea that OCR would work on outlined characters.
  7. michaelejahn

    PDF question

    I have not encountered a PDF before that does this. Was giving our system problems generating a thumbnail - so i opened it in Adobe Acrobat and this happened 2023-01-25 FirstGX I have no idea why. I was shocked to see there were no fonts in the PDF, yet, when I clicked Edit tool, it loaded...
  8. michaelejahn

    Editing Trim Box: Which software do you use?

    um, okay, well - many imposition apps ignore these boxes ( as designers often do not understand what they are or how much bleed is required ( as there is no standard bleed amount from printer to printer ) - many imposition simply center the PDF into an imposition cell ( of if saddle stitch...
  9. michaelejahn

    Since support for Type 1 fonts is ending in January......

    but do you have the Putty book ? ( that was the one for PDF )
  10. michaelejahn

    Looking for a csv file solution with Fiery

    This assumes the OP has a method to generate a JDF ( unless he wants to type one in Notepad++ ) - but, then, I have no idea if EFI charges to add the JDF processor - and have no idea how much that is. But I 100% agree that using JDF would be the approach.
  11. michaelejahn

    Color separated PDF

    Creo - back in the day - made an Adobe Acrobat plug-in - that could take separated PDF and "re-combine" them into a composite PDF - this ( of course ) required a way to assign a separation plate a color ( like Pantone 151 or Cyan ) - i recall using that when we wanted to recombine separated PDF...
  12. michaelejahn

    GMG, ORIS, EFI, ... what else?

    yes, and the way star proof works is you rip ( using the same rip that is used to make the plates ) to 1 bit tiffs - then - using the same 1 bit tiffs you will use to make the plates, you send these tiffs to star proof which them images them. so, assuming your proofing system has the same...
  13. michaelejahn

    PDF Syntax Errors

    can you share the PDF file ( three different people now have asked you for this, so, guessing answer is no ) but that would help us help you
  14. michaelejahn

    PitStop vs pdfToolbox

    Full Disclosure : I used to work for Enfocus. I loved to demo PitStop Server / Enfocus Action Lists to take a PDF from one condition automatically into another. Very Powerful tools. I am personal friends with Peter Camps who invented "Tailor" which was the PostScript display editor ( ran on a...
  15. michaelejahn

    Non-profiled offset printing

    the goal is to color manage the workflow, which assume you have a method to proof you work to a standard ( like GRACoL) and then provide them a PDF/X file that embeds that output intent profile ( so the printer knows what target ) then ( of course ) they know HOW to accomplish that. With PDF/X...
  16. michaelejahn

    Since support for Type 1 fonts is ending in January......

    Chriscozi - have you ever worked for a vendor ISV/OEM ? My guess is probably not. Typeface ownership / patents / copywrites on fonts ( or better said, somehow wrangling them within a software application or RIP/DFE is a losing proposition. Before we could embed the fount within that PDF/X file (...
  17. michaelejahn

    MIS that works with wordpress/woocommerce?

    if you had type Print MIS instead of MIS, it might have come on our collective radar - LOL
  18. michaelejahn

    I am looking for the name of a book - Please help me!

    Michael Bruno wrote the original. I think Frank Romano was handed the torch when Mike passed.
  19. michaelejahn

    MIS that works with wordpress/woocommerce?

    wow, sorry I missed this thread - if you can get WooCommerce to export XML, cXML of JSON that represents a print order, our PressWise API can process that. We have several PressWise customers whom have WooCommerce / WordPress storefronts sending orders to the PressWise Create Order" API.
  20. michaelejahn

    I am looking for the name of a book - Please help me!

    Pocket Pal ?


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