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    Anyone running a Ricoh 5110s

    We ended up buying the 5110 and so far have only had one issue that the techs are working on. It has a sight skew issue that we are having to bring in a special tech to try and figure out what the problem is. But we have been assured that if they cannot fix it they will replace it. The copy...
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    Cut business cards with a Challenge 305 (or similar)?

    We do it everyday. They are very accurate. But, depends on the operator.
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    Simple question .04 a color click on KM C8000

    That's also the rate I pay and get great service.
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    Anyone running a Ricoh 5110s

    We are looking at purchasing a Ricoh 5110s. Just curious if anyone is running one and if so what has your experience been so far?
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    Best RIP for GS6000

    Stay away from Wasatch. We have been using it on our GS 6000 now for 3 years. Profiles change for no reason. Their tech support is terrible. We end up having to fix almost all the issues we have had with their software because their techs are usually no help. We are currently looking to race...
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    A happy Christmas to all

    Thanks Gordo. Merry Christmas to all and a very Happy New Year!
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    Xerox Squarefold Pricing...

    Anymore, I'd rather buy a used car than deal with a copier salesman.
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    Would you buy from the new Kodak?

    Simply put, no.
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    URGENT! Save your Money!!

    We dropped Quark at 7.
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    The Wish

    I believe that for some of my people "the wish" starts at 9 am and ends at 5pm
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    Looking for used cutter in Denver area

    Does anyone know of an equipment dealer in the Denver area that sells cutters? I am visiting the area and was curious if there were any for sale.
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    Scratch-off Information

    I am having more customers request that we do scratch off numbers on their post cards and fliers. Can anyone educate me on this material. Can it be printed on after the initial run? Does it have to be applies some other way that I could do it?
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    Morgana Digifold vs Duplo vs ?

    We were in the same boat as you. Only needed to crease small runs, 100 -2000 sheets. We just installed a duplo creaser. Wow, what a great machine. Of course not a high production unit but it does a great job. Just load the feeder, push start, and walk away until that stack is done...
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    Best solvent wide format printer

    We run an Epson GS 6000 and love it. The quality is great on anything we put thru it. Canvas, vinyl banner and adhesive, window perf, paper. It does it all. Only had two issues in 2 years. One head replacement and a power surge knocked out a board, our fault for not having a surge protector...
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    Xante/Oki Quality Issues Solved!

    Damfino, if your right, I'm buying you a pizza!
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    cheap digital printer

    Stay away from Oki's and rebranded Oki's. They are more trouble than Their worth.
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    Still Funny :)

    Thanks Mailguru. Made my day!!
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    Oki 9650 question

    Thanks Damfino, I'll give it a try.
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    Oki 9650 question

    Thanks for your reply. We are printing 2 color black and blue on these envelopes. How would I get the magenta drum to raise away from the envelope?
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    Oki 9650 question

    We are running #10 envelopes on our Oki and keep getting a light magenta strip down one side of the envelope. Mainly happens when we run side seamed #10 envelopes, but has happened on others. Anyone else have this problem and a possible fix? Is there a way to possible raise the magenta drum?


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The Push To Be a More Versatile Printer
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