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  1. Schnitzel

    Photoshop 16-Bit Mode in 10-Bit Display. How does it work ?

    Also, working for display isn't the only reason to use Photoshop.
  2. Schnitzel

    Study shows face masks don’t stop infections

    To quote from The Peter Principle: "In any economic or political crisis, one thing is certain. Many learned experts will prescribe many different remedies." Even though Peter didn't mention a health crisis, I think the current pandemic demonstrates this principle magnificently.
  3. Schnitzel

    Anyone know if this is inkjet?

    Doesn't look like satellites to me. Satellites always follow a previous drop in the substrate's movement direction, and usually comprise only 1 or 2 drops. These look like a highlight area of black ink. @printing4me I'm surprised no one suggested this yet: smell the print! If the inner pages...
  4. Schnitzel

    Profile Anatomy – why A2Bn & B2An ?

    Well, who says Photoshop converts colors best? Yes, the color engines are most likely different. The thing is, ICC profiles and the whole color management workflow, have a lot of limitations and leave a lot of freedom in the hands of color engine designers, and ICC profile creators, to do as...
  5. Schnitzel

    Profile Anatomy – why A2Bn & B2An ?

    Because you don't start with the B2A tables! When you create a printer ICC profile, you print combinations of CMYK values and measure them to get the CIELab values. This will give you the "device to PCS" side of the ICC profile, which is the A2B tables. From these measurements, the profiling...
  6. Schnitzel

    Nanographic Printing

    Sorry, I don't understand your first assumption: the reception of the human eye was standardized in 1931 in the CIEXYZ color space, and the entire color management concept is based on this standard observer. Of course you "see" color with your brain, ultimately, but that is irrelevant - the...
  7. Schnitzel

    Nanographic Printing

    It's a digital press. It can do Digital Stuff™, like short runs, variable data, personalization, every-page-is-different etc. Hardly. Standard offset color gamut is orders of magnitude smaller than what your eye can see. Even extended gamut leaves a lot to be desired. Print technology...
  8. Schnitzel

    HP Indigo 5500 CMS

    Do you have any experience with color management and ICC profiles?
  9. Schnitzel

    HP Indigo Presses and Color Management

    I might have got the G7 part wrong - did you achieve G7 for your offset presses or the Indigo? It's safe to say custom ICC profiles will always give you better results than a generic profile.
  10. Schnitzel

    HP Indigo Presses and Color Management

    May I ask why did you go for G7 in a digital press? What's the benefit of it if you can easily create an ICC profile which gives you gray balance?
  11. Schnitzel

    Xrite i1Profiler

    i1Profiler can't generate a TIFF or PDF with spot colors in them - they opted for EPS instead. I remember using a really terrible workflow to get what I wanted: Place the EPS in Illustrator (InDesign doesn't like these EPS files, don't know why). Save as a PDF - make sure you don't downsample...
  12. Schnitzel

    Interesting study from Ryerson University on expanded color gamut printing.

    HP Indigo has several labels and flexible-packaging machines. The equivalent of the 7900 in the article would be the 6900. I personally operated the 6000 model for several years. It's a good machine, but it suffers from color drift in long runs as expected from a laser printer, so the...
  13. Schnitzel

    Affinity Publisher is released!

    Does it have support for right-to-left languages (Hebrew, Arabic etc.)? Can't find a trial version to find out myself.
  14. Schnitzel

    General expectations for PDF file size

    That's interesting. How does the software know what type the image is? Image analysis? Number of unique colors in the image, sharpness of edges or something similar?
  15. Schnitzel

    General expectations for PDF file size

    Take cover, I think Dov Isaacs isn't going to be happy with your workflow...
  16. Schnitzel

    You Can't Win

    No, sorry, that's not true. There is a phenomenon called "metamerism", where 2 samples will appear as the same color under one lighting, and different under other lighting. In fact, only because of metamerism can you match colors using just 3 primary inks in the first place! That is why, when...
  17. Schnitzel

    Why does solid yellow have dots in it?

    What you have here is color management trying to match a certain color, rather than "print by the numbers". You need to use the press DFE instead of printing directly from your applications. Send a well defined PDF to the DFE, disable color management in the job's properties and see what comes out.
  18. Schnitzel

    iGen150 Quality Issues from Fusion VDP

    That's very strange. Small black text does not need trapping - it should be set to overprint. If that is indeed a pure black text and not some very dark color. If it is possible, can you please share the PDF of the second image you posted? I'd like to check its makeup. Try, just for testing, to...
  19. Schnitzel

    iGen150 Quality Issues from Fusion VDP

    If you are complaining about print quality, that statement is a bit general... There could be dozens of reasons for print quality issues. What exactly are the problems you see? High resolution scans or digital microscope captures will be great.
  20. Schnitzel

    Any Landa press news?

    I'm a programmer in the algorithms team, I don't know the first thing about pricing and all that stuff, sorry.


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