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    Looking for a good freight carrier to ship my Xerox Versant 180

    I don't have a company name for you but I would suggest you contact your local sales office. They use 3rd party shipping companies for most equipment moves and deliveries. I'm not in your area but you for sure have a local equipment provider that could move that for you.
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    Nexfinity vs Iridesse Vs Igen

    I agree that you would need multiple machines with the volume you are running. If that just isn't possible the Iridesse may not be the right fit. I see others mentioned Inkjet which you will benefit from looking at. InkJet has come a long way in quality but its your call if it is "good...
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    Nexfinity vs Iridesse Vs Igen

    I worked for Xerox for 6 years and now at a dealer that also sells Xerox. The Iridesse was and still is my favorite machine. I placed 10-14 of these and the feedback from customers has been great. No machine is perfect and your need for "perfect" registration can only happen with an inkjet...
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    Seeking advice on entry level production press

    With the age of the machine I would suggest getting something new vs. spending the money to put on a service contract which at the end of the day will be very expensive. Unless you want to fix it yourself get something newer. With new in mind and looking at the volume you run of only 5,000...
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    v280 clear toner?

    I sell Xerox, Canon and Konica production equipment and have a ton of experience with Xerox. The clear is like a spot UV not not exactly, on the Versant it is okay but I by far like it more on the Iridesse as you can layer which really allows it to stand out. Others have mentioned but clear on...


The Push To Be a More Versatile Printer
The Push To Be a More Versatile Printer
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