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    Fujifilm adds two more production models to the UK market

    They could be leaning on dealer support teams or a third party support company like Decision 1. Might also be utilizing Xerox support contracts like they did in the US a few years ago.
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    Success running NCR on inkjet light production printer?

    Epson's Workforce Enterprise inkjets go up to 100 impressions/minute are around $25,000 so that might be an option for a lower cost inkjet solution if you need variable data and CMYK. For single color, consider a duplicator. I've run up to 15000 sheets of NCR brand 3 part on my V3100 without a...
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    How much electricity & UPS ???

    UPS vendors (Eaton, APC, etc) have pre-sales electrical engineers who can help you figure this out. Don't wing it.
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    Xerox Versant 2100 - Fuser/Print Quality Issues

    There's a nylon gear assembly that strips out periodically on my V3100, which causes fuser belt issues, but not the registration issue you're showing. Part Number 007k98681.
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    What your recent equipment deal you've gotten?

    3 tray Envelope Inserter / sealer for $2. Gov auction and I was the only bidder.
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    Xerox Versant 180 Stapled Sets Misfeeds/Out of Order

    I'm having the same issue with a V3100 finisher. I'll let you know what the service call reveals.
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    Accuzip Down

    I did not renew Accuzip. Too aggravating to work with report issues, printing reports, not be able to open files on network drives, and constant ASCII and punctuation character issues.
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    Accuzip Down

    BCC has a good product, but it is almost $3000/year starting.
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    Help with 32pt business cards

    Here are some options to investigate 1) Convertable Solutions sells supplies for multi layer "loft" business cards that have an adhesive sheets between two printed layers. The glue is activated by guillotine pressure. 2) ThermoType has a gluing...
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    Scored glossy digital print folding issue

    Can you recommend a product for static removal on a baum folder?
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    Best tutorials for print workers?
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    New Ricoh Pro C9500

    On my Xerox V3100 the alignment profiles have to be re-made frequently (4 hours at worst, 3 days at best). How long do the Ricoh profiles stay accurate?
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    New Ricoh Pro C9500

    I've been shopping a Ricoh 9200 or 7200. Two things that I dislike about those machines is having to run 40 sheets to build an alignment profile and suffering an old slow Fiery DFE (spindle HDD). A Ricoh tech also mentioned to me that that there is a registration distortion issue in the 9200...
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    How do you calculate rush charges?

    Thanks. This is a very good customer relationship and the third time they have stated there should be rush fees for challenging fast turn jobs like this.
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    How do you calculate rush charges?

    I'm relatively new to the printing world at 5 years and have yet to charge a rush fee because we position as being the fastest and most expensive print factory. However, I'm in a situation where we've had to pull out all of the stops to print about 200 short run text books around 1.5" thick...
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    buying new digital production machine KMC7090/KMC12000/Canon V1000/RicohC9200

    I'm curious about the V1000 too. Please take the plunge and let us know how it goes.
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    Fiery missing font issue

    I have a customer supplied amalgamation of PDF pages is ripping and printing incorrectly with two Fiery boxes running FS150 and FS250. The file preflights in Acrobat without error when checking for PDF syntax, and in Pitstop with the action "Preflight only needed elements". See attached sample...
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    Duplo DC646 Any Good?

    I've had this very issue. The replacement rollers are about $2200USD.


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