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    Need help in this situation

    Check your contract…third party I’m guessing? We bought our 7210 direct, it does not have any stipulation, and our clicks are locked for the 5 year term.
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    New Ricoh Pro C9500

    I rarely readjust, cover weights seem to be very consistent, occasionally have to readjust a text weight. Maybe two or three times a year for the problem stocks, but most stocks I haven’t adjusted at all after setting.
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    New Ricoh Pro C9500

    This is really a non issue on my 7210. Run the alignment once (per paper profile) and save it to your paper profile, good to go next time unless your paper varies in sizes. It’s 35 sheets on the “more precise” mode. That’s like…what $4 worth of paper or less for most stock? Over the lifespan...
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    Proof disclaimers

    I send proofs on everything, largely to try to get them to look one last time before printing, and review any corrections I had to make to get their job print ready, and confirm specs / layout. Reality is - my printed color off a digital press is unlikely to exactly match what they are looking...
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    Duplo DC646 Any Good?

    Have a 646, I wouldn’t want to be without it.
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    Ricoh C7100's vs C7200's

    The 7100 is pretty old, I wouldn’t.
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    Xerox V280 - New 36 Month Lease

    I don’t know what Xerox costs these days, but if you want to keep them honest certainly shop around to every brand. We got a Ricoh 7210x on a 60 month lease for a lot less than this, and lower fixed click rates for that term. Did add inserter and puncher, oversized sheet options, etc ….did not...
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    Xerox V280 - New 36 Month Lease

    Sounds like old Xerox to me…they were always quick to blame the paper (bought the same shit everyone else does…). After wasting hours / days going back and forth, never did they find that the paper was the issue.
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    Upgrade from Konica C3070

    I think a way more complicated device than the duplo, while also limited in book sizes, I’ve definitely heard the term Problematic coined when describing these, even when connected to a printer. That’s why I decided on duplo (I knew it’d just work and not need much if any service over its...
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    Upgrade from Konica C3070

    When I went down this path on our former KM 6085, the buyout number was provided by KM. And it was an absolutely horrifying number, people I told about couldn’t believe how much value KM still placed in it….the printer certainly didn’t have 1/4 the value on the market that they still thought it...
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    issues with our Bourg... used parts?

    Have you tried to reach out to bourg, for either the part or the service manual? If you have the service manual I would start by googling that part number, or perhaps you could find another identical or similar machine with common parts to salvage parts from.
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    Canon USA Charging Shipping on Contract Supplies?

    “Fuel surcharges at their discretion” are often in the contract you sign, but only recently have I seen companies enforce it.
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    Versant 4100 Vs Ricoh 7210

    I don’t have any experience with the newer Xerox equipment but our Ricoh 7210x is rock solid. Very rarely need to see service.
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    Switch from Canon Imagepress to a Ricoh Pro C7200X?

    Once you dial it in (you run a registration program per paper profile, it prints and scans 30 sheets or so to make the adjustments, then you save the paper profile), our 7210 is nearly perfect on all stocks. For context I came from a km 6085 with iq. This is a significant improvement over the...
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    Fastest way to add bleeds to a supplied PDF file.

    I have an automation sequence within Quite Imposing that does what you describe, works fine unless the client does not respect margins. If the document requires manual editing to make bleeds, I open the pdf with illustrator.
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    The KM costs 5% more, but is there really a difference or just personal preference? C5300s or C4070

    I think it’s fair to say that any printer in this segment regardless of brand is more or less a turbo office copier. More important than machine weight (realize that KM needs the IQ unit to register well…this will add to the weight and size), power consumption (most people would see a reduction...
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    Best cutting machine for business card cutting

    Love our duplo 646, wouldn’t want to go back to doing things without it.
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    Do I have to laminate both sides for folds

    To stop the card from cracking you want to score it.
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    Xerox rant!

    Yeah I thought about the feeder, but space is a major issue, and it is not inexpensive. The idea was that we could always add it later if our use dictated it. 1.5 years in I feel like we made the right decision. I think I’d rather add a square fold, if I changed anything.
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    Xerox rant!

    I used to do the same trick all the time, didn’t know they patched it. I can still cheat the recent non Xerox machines I’ve used. However the bigger problem - I know that inline booklet makers sound cool and convenient on paper, but they are super expensive (and you throw them away with...


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The Push To Be a More Versatile Printer
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