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    edge printing on Xerox V280

    Thanks! I'm wondering if there is a setting/adjustment that I can make which would make my team and clients happy?
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    edge printing on Xerox V280

    Some of my clients send me 8.5"x11" prints without bleed. I normally just reduce the file to 96% and get good enough white margins. A teammate didn't reduce, printed as-is and client noticed that one margin was about twice the size as the opposite side. I always thought that the margins...
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    The Right File

    I used to read that Dr. Suess book to my kids!
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    waterproof labels?

    thanks! I don't have a plotter or any way to die/kiss cut anything
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    waterproof labels?

    I'm having trouble finding 2.5" circle labels that are both water/weather-proof AND can go through my xerox v180 or v280. I'm only finding labels for inkjet. I don't suppose any of y'all know where I can find some labels that won't wreck my fuser? Thanks!
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    How fuzzy is it?

    yup! The receptionist at my work is learning graphic design from us on the marketing team. She asked if she should go to college for it... lol, no (she'll learn from us... while collecting a paycheck and not racking up student loans)
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    business card imposition

    can i ask why? Doesn't that make bindery a nightmare? Or is this some kind of collated project?
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    tshirt transfer label printing?

    that's great! Thanks Wheeler!
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    tshirt transfer label printing?

    I have a client who wants several tshirts and am wondering if y'all know of any transfer label material that can go through our digital presses with fusers that get really hot? thanks!
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    crazy requests

    I just had one that i've never had before. I'm happy to work late or come in early, but never have I had a request sent after hours asking for the job to be done the next morning BEFORE work started. Care to share a crazy request by your clients?
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    Any Idea how this is printed

    does it do a full rotation on a sphere?
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    How to print on a piece that has been printed digitally

    did you already cut the postcards down to size? I know my machines would have issues running something as small as 8.5x5.5. If so, maybe rotate 90*? Do you have an inkjet that you can run the indicia through? and, obviously, run it gray instead of color to save a little money
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    Back Soon

    what's a darkroom? (I'm kiding, but surprised you still have one?!)
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    Xerox Versant 80- Purchase?

    well, now I'm wondering if my sales rep mislead my company as we were told EOL V80 was end of last year. Next time they come at me with EOL noise, I'm going to ask for some more info.
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    PDF's made on Mac different then PC?

    any failure message that can help?
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    ...and... the process of hiring, on-boarding, and training a new employee isn't free. Might as well try to retain.
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    Xerox Versant 80- Purchase?

    I liked my v80, but end of life was last year and at the end of last year, getting parts for it was difficult, specifically booklet maker parts. I would not buy anything that didn't have a regular supply chain for parts going forward. I heard of a woman in Florida who bought an electric...
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    Ricoh C7100's vs C7200's

    i was fine using the 5000 series, but that was a decade ago and I don't remember clearly. my only advice on that or any printer is make sure you know WHEN they'll become "obsolete". The only reason we bought the xerox v280 (and I'm very happy we did) was because our v80 reached "end of life"...
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    Ricoh C7100's vs C7200's

    i haven't used the 7100 in a couple years, but it has 5th color. Does the 7200 have 5th color? I'm not sure if it's the 7200 or 9000 series, but at some point, they moved the 5th color to first in line, instead of last. The 7100 I used required me to run white toner first, then run it again for...
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    how much ventilation is really needed for digital presses?

    umm, maybe see a doctor? It might be a medical thing. It's probably ozone as several have said in this thread, but if it's still happening, see a doctor? Also, you might have synesthesia. I do. While i have not been able to identify what triggers mine (could be sound, visual...), i'm lucky that...


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