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    Toners for Konica C3070 - Confused

    Excellent to know.
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    Toners for Konica C3070 - Confused

    They aren't the same. The bottle shapes are different. TN-620M / A3VX331 for the C3070L TN-619M / A3VX330 for the C3070
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    Error Code

    Need to chime in here as we just ran into this error a few weeks ago. The go-to fix is to delete the Each Color Paper Type adjustment values in the CDC panel. The problem for us was that we weren't even using them at the time so there was nothing to delete. Our tech opened up the RU and the IQ...
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    Konica Minolta can't print orange?

    Old thread, but may as well add...Orange is one of our brand colors, so we print it daily. We currently have a 3080. Orange with "pop" is definitely a challenge with CMYK toners, but I've never experienced "dots" in any of our orange solids (or other colors). To me, it almost sounds like the...
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    Konica Minolta C3070 & C3080 attachments

    They might be a bit right about that, but at the same time trying to sell you a C4070. I run a C3080, and while I haven't asked about any additional modules for it because we are already well-equipped, I suspect I might get the same answer from my dealer. Konica is several models ahead of the...
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    Konica Minolta 12000 random spots

    I would also suspect developer. If you know how to run test patterns, you can do that to take a closer look at each color to verify if any other colors may be affected before you call out service. I think you might want pattern 43, but don't quote me on that. I know the pattern I'm thinking of...
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    aftermaket toner from konica

    Reviving this topic as my shop just received some of the "E" toners. My supplier hasn't been able to get ahold of Magenta in particular. Konica has a firmware update and a service bulletin issued for these toners. Firmware was updated on our C3080 yesterday. From what I can tell, it enables...
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    Pricing Question

    They likely aren't setup where a double-size sheet is the same click rate as a single sheet. He also mentioned that the print charge is based on hourly machine rate, not the click; whereas I run both - a base BHR for the machine + click.
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    Paper Shortage?

    It's worse. I just talked to one of my vendors today (I'm in Ohio, full digital in-plant shop). He started throwing out March and June for availability of some of our go-to stocks. 70# text was backordered for me for over a month. 100# text and 80# cover was the same. Items are allocated weeks...
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    Anyone use Oki Pro machines?

    I have an Intec CS4000 that's 'engineered' for envelopes. I also have a Konica C3080 with the IQ-501 and SD-513. We bought the Intec because we needed a digital envelope printer. We also have the envelope feeder, conveyor table, and Fiery XF for it. We installed it a couple years before we...
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    KM4070 vs Xerox V280

    Danos - First - Konica's registration tolerance without the IQ is 2mm. To my understanding, this is pretty standard for many manufacturers. They aren't going to guarantee 0mm tolerance for registration as there are so many factors in play. I think they mentioned that paper feeding doesn't play...
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    Packaging posters for shipment - UPS is killing us with special handling charges!!!!

    One of my vendors uses UPS, and they always ship in the triangle tubes. I've never received a crushed tube, but at the same time they're not going cross-country either. We've continued to use FedEx and USPS as our primary shipping methods due to pricing.
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    An Issue of Productivity

    "This could have been an email..." Also...when people call a meeting and talk about everything except what the meeting is supposed to be about.
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    Book making inline/offline/guillotine

    Ynot_UK is right, black clicks on a color press are typically more expensive. I didn't catch the 'mono' part in your additional post. That said, you can get in-line booklet finishers for mono machines as well, but I would hazard a guess that the 'best' ones are reserved to work only with color...
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    Book making inline/offline/guillotine

    It depends on your workload and quantities, what type of flexibility you need, etc. Here's what I've experienced. I run a small in-plant (we also service the local community), and took over at a time when the shop was moving from offset/digital with a larger staff - transitioning to a smaller...
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    How to explain "overprint" to dumb clients?

    @gordo 's example is good. I'd use colored pencils or markers to demonstrate this in real-life. Took me a long time to get our in-house designers to start turning on Overprint Preview in InDesign while they were creating.
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    Photobook Printing Presses

    Indigo is the popular way to go. Shutterfly recently purchased I think either 30 or 60 HP 100k Indigos to expand their operations for photo books. One of my vendors recently installed their own 100k. I had them run a job on it for me as a test to checkout the quality - seriously impressive for a...
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    Repurposing Fiery E-82 Color Controller

    I'm pretty sure the front and top plastic housing pops off, and there's just one single cable connecting the top display/board. I'm guessing you may have access to side panels from there. I'm willing to bet EFI has a there, and you may be pretty limited due to whatever...
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    Exactly what @jwheeler said. You have to let them know you're shopping around, and he is correct about the third-party lease companies.
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    Discontinuing Blazer???

    I just got word today from a paper vendor that Verso is discontinuing 130lb cover for all their paper lines (Sterling, Anthem, Blazer), and weights above 100lb cover may have limited-to-no availability through early 2022 - They have closed several mills though, so that's part of it. Another...


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