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    Long Run Thermal Plates

    Kodak Trillion, but they need to be processed, but most plates that last that long will have to be too.
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    Most reliable CTP machine for a weekly tabloid?

    As a service company here in Florida I can tell you without a doubt that Screen or a Screen rebranded by Fuji and AGFA are without a doubt the most reliable, but also the least expensive to maintain.
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    GMCE Boot Stuck in Gboot mode

    Funny, Funny, I was just reading a bulletin about that a couple of days ago. So glad to hear you got solved.
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    N8-70 XT/Screen PT-R8800 III Exposure head problem

    Something must have just come lose, so I would reseat every cable attached to the laser CPU.
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    GMCE Boot Stuck in Gboot mode

    Try replacing the RJ 45 communication cable.
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    Trendsetter- Blue substance leaking

    That is a melted roller from the old Spectrum section. That entire unit can be removed and your trendsetter will still operate. Just unplug all the electronic connections and plug the two air hoses on each side and then there's just two bolts that it pivots on you can take those out and the...
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    Avantra 44s Cutter not working.

    techno is correct. It's the cutter switch. I have taken the switch out and put a drop of epoxy on the end of the plastic lever to extend it after it had been worn down.
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    Heidleberg trendsetter

    That's going to be a bad diode (pixel) in the array. A good tech may be able to program it out of the Swath Width, but it kind of depends on its location.
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    Topsetter 74 autoloader error

    Instead of replacing the blue sensor, first try moving it further down closer to the plate. Also, those suction cups should be replaced, or at the very least cleaned.
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    We cant get solid film

    If you don't have any clear areas then your developer has been contaminated by fixer or way over heated.
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    Agfa Exposure test - shadow on film

    100% guaranteed, that is a light leak.
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    Founder eagle rip

    Every aspect of your calibration like resolution and lpi must exactly match the page setup you are trying to apply it to.
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    Screen PTR 8300 Error E517c PH25 sensor illegal.

    Besides the lenses on the clamp arm getting dirty they are laser diodes that can lose intensity over time so it is not unusual for the sensors sensitivity to occasionally need adjusting.
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    Founder eagle rip

    I may be able to help. Also there is a manual for it in the Founder folder.
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    I can't remember exactly where but you have to add a device separately and I think it's with a standalone program, like a utility. Start by looking in the folder made by the installation.
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    Rampage won't send files to Luxel T-6000

    It has been a while but from what I remember you have to add the device with a utility. Also, it has to be a licensed device.
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    Kodak CTP Trensetter

    Changing a media parameter has to be done through the service program.
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    Error E412b on topsetter

    Touch the 'Detail" button and tell me what it says.
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    Avalon N4 Setting New Punches

    Hi, This is Gary with Prepress Rx here in Florida. We can probably talk you through adding the punches to the system. You can email me at to set up at time to do it.
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    Agfa Accuset 1000 Feeding issue

    Clean all rollers, the resistance motor wheel under the cassette, and the rubber part of the supply cassette spool with acetone. If it persists then one of the two (take up or supply cassette) motors has a bad encoder.


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