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    Imposition suggestions for digital press run

    We have a client that we’ve been printing a monthly magazine – about 32,000 per month. The guts are all static(28 pages – we print as 8 page sigs on our offset press) and the front and back covers are 4 variable pages -we print the covers on our digital press(Canon Varioprint iX). Each month...
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    adhesives not sticking to our Xerox iGen 150 prints

    We have used Fuser II since the day it was installed. My confusion is why suddenly has it become an issue? We’ve always been able to stick stuff on after we’ve let it sit for a day or 2, but now 2 jobs in 2 weeks nothing will stick(permanently). One of them was even on a coated stock, which has...
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    adhesives not sticking to our Xerox iGen 150 prints

    We own an iGen 150, which does use fuser oil. Ever since we’ve had it(since 2012) we’ve known about issues with sticking things to the output(labels, double sided tape, stamps, etc) and we’ve always had to wait at least 24 hours for the fuser oil to dissipate/evaporate from the sheet before we...
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    Replacement UPS for Ryobi 525XX

    The UPS(battery backup) on our Ryobi 525XX has died(replacing the battery did not solve the issue). Does anyone have a source for a compatible replacement? We tried an off-the-shelf UPS, but that did not work. The UPS this uses does have and use a serial connection to the press controller and...
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    color label printer

    We had the Primera 810XL and when printed on the high gloss labels, the ink is water resistant. Yes, the ink can get expensive, especially with high coverage. If you are looking at a Primera inkjet, there are other sources for label stock other than Primera, such as
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    Xerox Woes!

    Our vendor is a local independent Ricoh dealer(not IKON), so I do not have any direct experience with Ricoh.
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    Ricoh C900

    Since resolving the adhesion/scratching issues last spring, the machine has been great. We have just over 450,000 clicks(mostly 11x17 and larger) on our machine. We didn't demo the 901 as that wasn't released until much later this year. With the ability to duplex up to 300gsm stocks, and the new...
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    Alternatives to aq coating?

    The coatings I referred to have a much higher gloss than traditional varnishes(IMO) and the fact that they dry much faster is also a plus. I don't know what they mean that it marks easily, as I have not seen that. Also, one nice thing about it is that you can also write on top of it with a...
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    Alternatives to aq coating?

    You can run an aqueous acrylic based coating such as Kentucky Shine or Kelstar Aquatrain 300 in your last unit. Along with an IR dryer in your delivery, these coatings dry very quickly and give about the same finish as traditional aqueous coatings from a coater.
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    Xerox Woes!

    RPC, The only way you can win the fight with the likes of Xerox and Canon is through thorough documentation. Make sure your paper trail is complete. Have a complete service history of the machine(along with samples of the rejects, if you still have them). If they push the "it's within spec" and...
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    Xerox 700 Vs Ricoh Pro C900

    Re: Xerox 700 Vs Ricoh Pro C900 If you had gotten the Xerox 700, high gloss would still be a factor. The 700 doesn't use fuser oil, so you cannot get the high gloss you had from the 6060(we had one too). If you compare the 700 with the C900 and the current Konica Minolta machines, they all...
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    Xerox 700 Vs Ricoh Pro C900

    Re: Xerox 700 Vs Ricoh Pro C900 With the Fiery RIP, yes, you can still use Command Workstation. You can change the fuser out, however, the fuser unit weighs over 60 pounds(not just a simple roller swap), so to be safe, it may be a 2 person operation. So far, we have not had any issues getting...
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    Address labels on Ricoh C900

    Is anyone running diecut laser labels on their Ricoh C900 successfully? And if so, what brand(and settings)? I asked my local rep for suggestions and they just pointed me to the Ricoh "stock list" that only shows one brand of label tested, and it is a Spinnaker 12x18 sheet, which does me no good.
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    scratch off problems

    Re: scratch off problems What form of scratch off are you applying? Foil, screen print? When we have done scratch off using a local screen printer we apply a "hard release" varnish before sending out for the scratch off.
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    Ricoh C900

    Jim, After about a week and a half of going back and forth with the techs, they finally fixed our toner adhesion issues. I can't tell you exactly what they did, but they made some tweaks to one of the "Special#" paper settings that we now use for our heaviest coated paper settings and that has...
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    Ricoh C900

    We have had a C900 on our floor for a few weeks and have had nothing but problems. The biggest, and most important for us, being that we are a commercial printer, is that we cannot run heavy solids on coated coverstocks. The toner will just not adhere well and can be easily scratched off. And...
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    Ovation Paper

    Re: Ovation Paper Ovation is the same paper as what used to be Unisource's uGloss and uVelvet private label imported papers. Unisource now gets their uGloss and uVelvet manufactured in the US by New Page.
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    Who uses a Printware CTP for process work?

    We have the Platestream 46 Dual. We also run 99% of our process work on our Heidelberg SM52 5 color with poly plates from the Platestream. The easiest way to tell if your problem is with the platesetter or with your press/pressman is to measure/check your plates before mounting them on press. If...


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