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    CTP service Contracts

    We are talking 10's of thousands per year. So if you can go two years without service then that pays for the laserhead itself. Yes I agree not 100% safe, but saves a lot of money. Wish they would offer a deal that would pay, at minimum, half back of the service amount not used. They would...
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    CTP service Contracts

    We are spending a considerable amount of money on our CTP service contract. Nothing breaks down on the, fairly new, CTP device so justifying spending on a service we hardly use is becoming harder and harder. Just wondering if most users out there have contracts or not on there CTP machine. My...
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    CC extremely frustrating!

    I agree 100% or maybe 99%. LOL
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    CIP3 files creation steps

    We have the same systems. Prinergy and 629 with PCC. Pintlink settings: Our Preview is set at medium. Absolute file 0 rotation. Use JDF unchecked one file per surface Generic Press interface Under file format : LZW All else unchecked
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    KBA ciplink X hotfolder issue

    Sorry all I can do is tell you how my system is setup. I'm just going to put ideas out there and you can check your system. Check PC services: KBA gateway started : KBA RCC server disabled : KBA Server started. In the CIP X Software/System Administrator/Services try restarting KBA...
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    CIP3 files creation steps

    The Komori PCC software does have automatic mode. Its easy to set-up with your existing press templates and hotfolders. Setup the new automatic configuration with hotfolders and your press template. Then start automatic mode. The only pain is the name of PQO files which are generic numbers...
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    Impostion software

    Just a quick note: IMHO Ask your staff if they know Preps v6 or version5. Preps 6 is totally different than 5 and has a learning curve similar to learning another new imposition software.
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    KBA ciplink X hotfolder issue

    I'm assuming you set-up the "Preset Import hotfolder". In the System Administration section go to Service tab. Preset import service should be active (green light ) and show the Hotfolder. My version is set-up to a Z drive. No other sub-folders. Make sure the z drive always mounts at startup...
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    License Infringement Letter

    Why don't they patent how to walk and breath. Its ridiculous what is allow to be patented. My 2 cents.
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    Prinect vs. Prinergy

    I also contemplated the move from prinergy to either prinect or XMF, but decided to stick with prinergy. According to Heidelberg you can import the pjtf's into Prinect, but they CANNOT be edited.
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    Printing in high DPI / What about PPI

    Hi Andy, Photoshop is a raster program and works in pixels per inch. Your HP is also rastered but works in dots per inch. The pixels per inch refer to a monitor / display resolution and dots per inch refer to resolution on a substrate (paper or printing plate). Greg is correct in saying that...
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    Prinergy font problems

    If you know the font thats giving you trouble then install it in the job. Open the job, got to tools menu and choose font converter. Install the fonts in the job not globally. Hope this helps Rob T
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    Am I the only one who hates preps 6 and misses preps 5?

    I can't understand how Kodak can buy one of the best imposition software available and let there engineers ruin it. Bring back Preps 5.
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    Preps Licensing

    I think you need to upgrade to preps 6 or go back to OS10.5. Preps 5 uses Rossetta which is not built into OS 10.6 Rob
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    What dot shape for UV web printing?

    Round dot.
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    Ink Eater Mark

    Preps works in layers, so whatever mark you place first is on the bottom layer and so on. If you use smart marks then name the mark you want on the bottom with a z... Rob T Preps 5.3 and Prinergy
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    Prinergy Work shop / Xserve Slow down

    We had the same problem with our older system. Navigating the Userdefined folders on our prinergy server was very slow and when refining our desktop apps would almost freeze. It was caused by the RAID (PERC) controller battery being old and needed replacing. You would see a battery back up (...
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    XMF Page Correction Questions

    Yes, but I thought I'd ask other users before going through all the trouble.
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    XMF Page Correction Questions

    I would like to know how XMF users handle PDF page corrections. If you have a 32 page book and 16 pages have corrections what are the prepress workflow rules of bringing in those new pages. It seems pretty easy in the demo, but I would like to here from other users about this before purchasing...
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    Trapping Puzzle

    If its only one page and your in control of the output, then create a second file for the PMS 032. The second file has a stroke of white to keepaway the 032.


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