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    XMF or Prinergy

    Look at the support contract pricing before getting to far.
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    Plate size (in the Y direction) is longer than the set value.

    Have you measured the plate to see if they are cut to the correct size? We have a Screen 8800 and every once and awhile we get the error and sure enough the plates are off a mm or two.We just go into the interface on the platesetter and adjust the "Y" axis length to the plate size that is off...
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    Fuji acquires RAMPAGE's support contracts

    Been running 12.2 with Mavericks on all my Macs with no issues.
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    Fuji XMF Workflow

    Not sure where you got your info from but Rampage has not stopped developing their software. I stand corrected. Just got the letter from Fuji stating that Rampage is done. So sad :(
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    XMpie Question

    That option ONLY exists on the server version.
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    Fuji acquires RAMPAGE's support contracts

    No problem Mitch. Its easy to say good things about a product that works. Ive been a user for almost 15 years and I have zero complaints.
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    Fuji acquires RAMPAGE's support contracts

    "Space Communications"? The owner of Rampage is 74 years old, he wants to spend time with his grand kids, can you blame him. Is it possible XMF will ultimately replace Rampage? who can say at this point. The software engineers are still there and they are continuing to develop fixes for version...
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    Fuji acquires RAMPAGE's support contracts

    Rampage is now owned by Fuji. As far as I have been told nothing is going to change with Rampage.
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    At my company. SM-52, CD-102's. Lead pressmen $26 an hour. That is the wage, it does not include the benefits. They can get up to 4 weeks vacation and get insurance on top of that wage. So off the top of my head if you include all wages and benefits you are in the $45.00 an hour area.
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    new impo software instead of Preps 5 for rampage user?

    Just installed Metrix. Fabulous
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    water chemistry - what are we all using?

    RO water & Millennium 1000 from Tower Chemical. Runs on Heidelberg CD-102's, SM-102, SM-52 & QM-46 with no issues.
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    quark 9

    Export Pdf straight out of Quark. Spot colors are no issue.
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    Image blinding/ Plate Weak

    Yes it is more prevalent in the magenta ink. But you get calcium leaching from the paper, which is the bigger issue.
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    Image blinding/ Plate Weak

    Not a deglazer, but an actual product for removing calcium from your rollers. Tower makes a good product as well as other manufacturers. If your rollers are saturated with calcium it will transfer from them to your blankets and then to the plate. I've seen this before. Maybe this isn't the issue...
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    Printing on polyart synthetic paper

    We run this all the time as well as Yupo. VanSon ToughTex inks and C & A Aq coatings. Zero solvent fountain solution (Tower Millennium 7000) with 10% IPA. Request coatings that are formulated for synthetics, they dry rock hard and they are gas permeable, so the ink continues to dry under the...
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    Image blinding/ Plate Weak

    When was the last time you did a calcium wash on that unit?
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    Editing references

    Can't change it once its saved. Per Rampage when I called them about it.
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    Xerox Colopress 800 with a CREO?? Bad or good?

    We dumped FreeFlow on our iGen4 and went with the Fiery. Far superior RIP.
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    Saphira Inks - What Do You Think?

    I believe Heidelberg is using Superior inks as their Saphira line.
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    Prinergy vs Trueflow

    Sure it is.


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