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    AGFA 44s Imagesetter Polarizer Jam

    Hello all, While working on our machine, we started it up and everything went as normal, but when we looked at our software to see if it was accepting the films to output them, it gave a "Polarizer Jam". We've never seen this type of error so we are completely unsure of what is causing it and...
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    Holepunching Errors?

    Done this already, nothing is blocking the entrance/exit for the film and the drum looks fine. The drum seems to stop in the middle when taking a look inside but, when we watch it, there doesn't seem to be anything that could potentially stop it from going back. I don't know everything about...
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    Holepunching Errors?

    Hello all, recently we've been having some troubles with our AGFA 44s Imagesetter. When loading in film to the machine, it gives us there In/Output Holepunch errors, we aren't too sure why it keeps throwing those at us since we never use that function. For whatever reason, when trying to load...
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    Avantra 44s Cutter not working.

    Recently our AGFA 44s has been throwing us errors and no one knows how to fix it. If there is anyone on here still the help would be very much appreciated. The cutter throws out errors 3, 8 and 44. The media is able to pass through the cutter and is also able to be retracted with no issues...


The Push To Be a More Versatile Printer
The Push To Be a More Versatile Printer
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