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    Free To Good Home

    I am the proud owner of a working Linotype-Hell TOPAZ Scanner and an OS 9.5 Mac tower. I have all the software for the scanner and it works? Here is the deal, I live in Las Vegas and am moving later this year. I have retired from the Printing/Color management business so I have no more use for...
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    Topaz Scanner Error message

    Tried pretty much every trick I remember. I was hoping one of the Hell/Heidelberg "engineers" would see this and give me a shout out. Thanks for the reply.
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    Topaz Scanner Error message

    I have an original TOPAZ scanner. Just placed new bulbs in to it. now have an error message: "20015c AOAE (TOPAZ Scanner) Reflective lamp is used without control.During the next 15 minute break, the control will be adjusted. Warning, click <OK> to continue. I have left the scanner alone for...
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    Xrite i1io scratching inks when reading in proof profile

    Had the same problem years ago, the reading is usually made of the color and the scratches are made as the head moves on. Just can't re-read the patches. Try the profile and see.
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    Linotype-Hell TOPAZ scanner

    I am looking for a florescent tube for the TOPAZ SCANNER. This is for the "Reflective" lamp in the upper locaton.
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    Help on Linotype-Hell Topaz 2

    Times have changed! Times have changed! If all you want is a great "scan" then Linocolor 4.2.7 will work. When this software first existed, Photoshop was not what it is today. Just Scan your "tiffs" to LAb or RGB. Convert them to Adobe1998rgb.icc and you will be happ to have the quality in...
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    Losing dots in film

    Lie to that computer Lie to that computer Yes the lin numbers can be manipulated or you can use the press numbers. One way or the other you must get the imagesetter to produce a darker dot in the highlight area or you will not be able to reproduce it at the press.
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    Hexacrhome Workspace

    Congratulations on ALL your assumptions! Let me know how they all work out for you. As I found out a few years back, Hex color places you in a "no man's land" of tech support. You are on your own. It can be done, done well, but that is what makes some Professionals better than others. You will...
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    Losing dots in film

    I found, years ago, that sometimes you I found, years ago, that sometimes you Must adjust your entry numbers for the computer to give you the "highlight" dots you want. You may have to adjust the ramp of numbers two or three times to get what you want. Watch your "shadow" area too so it does...
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    Elliptical vs. Round vs. Square dot shape?

    elliptical dot shape is best for "skintones".
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    The Consultant

    Gordon has a firm grasp on the rediculous!
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    Really a fun time! Really a fun time! This will keep you sharp!
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    Las Vegas Job Seeker

    Now in Las Vegas: Color Management Expert with 45 years of prepress experience. I have worked for SCREEN, Heidelberg, Pitman, and a number of commercial sheet fed and web printers. I have installed inkjet printers, matched press color to inkjet output, taught Color Scanning, Photoshop, color...
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    Color Management Expert, Las Vegas, NV

    I am seeking employment in the Las Vegas area. I have an extensive prepress background and I have specialized in Color Management for the past 12 years. Contact me for my resume and any full time, part time, or contract work. Thanks, Jim Stone 702-882-0086
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    Epson linearization measurement

    The software you are looking for! The software you are looking for! The software you are looking for is from Printing quality control with ProofPass and SpotOn! It works with the i1 and lets you keep tabs on your color all the time. company is colormetrix
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    matching a profile

    Are you going to make proofs or is this for a press run? The "link profile" whiled attempting to make one thing print like another leaves a lot to be desired. You may find that adjusting a flex profile to VISUALLY represent the output of the FOGRA 39 profile will be better. Depending on the flex...
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    My job contain moiré

    If you were on a scanner I would suggest you linearize your lazier. Looks like a focus and tracking issue.
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    Epson 9600 Color Shift

    9600 color problem 9600 color problem Greetings hal, Well you have quite the problem. The usual things to suspect seem to be the things you have already checked. The paper may be different. Sometime suppliers will change the makeup of their paper or their vendor which they buy from and not let...
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    Just Venting

    Venting! Venting! Yes, following the directions of someone who only knows one way to do things can be frustrating. Does your company have production Meetings? If so, come up with a "total analysis" of one of the failed jobs. Show the things that went wrong, where thay went wrong and why they...
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    Epson nozzle check

    If the problem seems to move around or get worse, look for droplets of ink on the paper too. This could mean that there is a clump of dust riding on the print head or on the wiper blade. If you have been using this printer for two or three years on a daily basis (8 or more hours a day) you may...


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