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  1. Mike the Print Man

    Polar 115 X User Manual for Download

    Does anyone have a Polar 115 X user manual they could share? I've been cutting more on ours, but they do not have a manual anywhere and there are a few things I'd like to learn in my spare time. A big Thank You ahead of time!
  2. Mike the Print Man

    My Review of Ricoh c9200 / Heidelberg Versafire EP

    Video I did last summer. Honest opinions on the Ricoh c9200 / Heidelberg Versafire EP. My Heidelberg Versafire EP / Ricoh c9200 Full Review Hope everyone finds it useful.
  3. Mike the Print Man

    Looking for a roll-fed machine.....

    HP Latex is a good one for banners. We had a 335 and used it pretty much just for scrim and roll-up banner work. We would occasionally use it for stickers, but the quality is not as good as eco-sol or UV for label work, in my opinion. However, it excels in banner work because you can take it...
  4. Mike the Print Man

    Best option for 2:1 & 3:1 punching of covers (small footprint)

    Check out this page for wire-o binding machines: Manual Wire Binding Machines | Twin Loop & Double Loop | MyBinding Some are as cheap as $103. All manual of course, but hopefully that's what you're looking for.
  5. Mike the Print Man

    New Ricoh Pro C9500

    Rarely do we need to adjust the alignment on our c9200 once we run the front/back calibration. Text stocks are usually the only ones that need a new adjustment done.
  6. Mike the Print Man

    New Ricoh Pro c7500 launches

    I'm curious how they are getting it to handle 470 gsm. That paper path doesn't seem long enough, like on the c9200 series. Best I could get our old c7110 was to around 360gsm. Although maybe it's just 470 gsm, simplex and not duplex. Either way, would be nice to see it in action.
  7. Mike the Print Man

    Konica vs Xerox?

    I've worked with an older KM 3080 model and currently work with a Versant 280. I'd take the Konica in a heartbeat. Our Versant does not have great front/back registration and occasionally the colors drift a bit. Just my opinion, I know there are folks who swear by Xerox.
  8. Mike the Print Man

    Quickly Add Bleed to a PDF in Adobe Acrobat

    No doubt. PitStop is a great program and I've used it many times in the past. If you can afford it and will use most of its features on a day to day, I would recommend it. However, not everyone has it, so people are always asking for work arounds.
  9. Mike the Print Man

    Quickly Add Bleed to a PDF in Adobe Acrobat

    Got another video that someone requested on how to add bleed to a file via Acrobat Pro using Preflight functions. Quickly Add Bleed to a PDF in Acrobat Prof Hope everyone finds it useful.
  10. Mike the Print Man

    How to Delete a Die Line/Spot Color in Adobe Acrobat

    I made a little video on how to delete a die line from a multi-page PDF in Acrobat Pro. Hope it helps some folks out. How to Delete a Die Line in Acrobat Pro Thanks.
  11. Mike the Print Man

    Printer Options for Real-Estate Signs

    Check out They print a lot of digital and screen printed signs. Been a bit since I ordered from them, but the quality was good.
  12. Mike the Print Man

    New iJetColor 1175Pro- Day 1 - Ouch!

    Man, that sucks. When we got our iJet Classic back in the day we had great support. I've got nothing but good things to say about the Printware folks, so I'm sure they'll fix whatever the problem seems to be. Good luck.
  13. Mike the Print Man

    Best tutorials for print workers?

    I appreciate that. I just do it to share some knowledge here and there when I see something relevant. I wish I could do more videos, but I'm not great in the video editing department.
  14. Mike the Print Man

    Best tutorials for print workers?

    Dan is great. Wish he post more videos, but it seems like he's gotten busy over the past year and doesn't have a lot of time for YouTube anymore. Here is a list of other YouTube channels I follow with good print related content: My own channel: - I try...
  15. Mike the Print Man

    Help with 32pt business cards

    I used some of the Convertible Solutions paper to make some thicker cards like 32pt. They turned out well, but you have to have a machine that can handle really good registration sheet to sheet, otherwise your front/back will look a little off center. The "loft" cards have a really nice feel to...
  16. Mike the Print Man

    crazy requests

    At one point we printed the weekend sales ad for Fry's Electronics in the Bay Area. We would receive the final ad PDF at about 9:00am in the morning and had to deliver to about 7 different stores in the Easy/South Bay by no later than 4:00pm. They were 20 page 8.5" x 14" ads, printed b/w, duplex...
  17. Mike the Print Man

    Has anybody had trouble with cover stock paper sticking together with a Ricoh Lanier ProC5300S? Suggestions?

    If you don't have the buffer pass unit and run jobs with a lot of coverage on gloss/silk coated stocks then you're going to have bricking happen. Your choice is to either add that buffer unit, or stand next to the machine and grab sheets off one or two at a time and spread them out on a...
  18. Mike the Print Man

    New Owner, new equipment

    Those click rates are really good. The c9200 we had at my last company was leased in 2020 and our rates were $0.008 for b/w and $0.033 for color, but that was a few years back. I cannot remember what our exact cost was on service agreement, but I believe it was around $2,500 a month. Ours had...
  19. Mike the Print Man

    buying new digital production machine KMC7090/KMC12000/Canon V1000/RicohC9200

    I wasn't too impressed with the initial improvements on the c9500 from the c9200. The 9200 vs 9100 is vastly different. Lots of upgrades. What I've read about the c9500 is only a small upgrade in a few different places. Hopefully you'll be able to find some c9200's on sale for cheap, however.
  20. Mike the Print Man

    So sick of Prinect and pretty much all HBerg software

    I agree. I've worked for two places with Heidelberg machines. At my old shop we just used a standard Fiery Command Workstation unit and had 0 problems. However, at the new place I'm at we have the Prinect DFE and we've had issues the last few months. At one point the computer crapped out and our...


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