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  1. arossetti

    Have you benefitted from the recent economic uptick!

    Wonder if everyone is feeling the same as they did almost a year ago.
  2. arossetti

    The next big opportunity for offset?

    I just left one of the largest commercial printers in the world and my primary focus was supporting the production of dye-sublimated soft signage. The demand for this was coming mostly from the retail industry or clients with 500, 1000, 2000+ locations which needed quarterly signage shipped to...
  3. arossetti

    Acrobat PreFlight Profile

    Prepress is not my strongest suit but I have a question and I'm hoping someone can help me with. I need to create a simple droplet that will analyze the file for spot colors and if a spot color is present append the file name with _SPOT. Is that possible? I see the spot color check, and the...
  4. arossetti

    Which VD format for EFI?

    PDF/VT is the universal format that I see taking the industry forward from here on out. I would stick with it. MailGuru might have some good insight on this.
  5. arossetti

    Can I create a curve adjustment in Acrobat Pro DC?

    Do you clearly define what you are giving them and do you select your vendors while considering their color management workflow? I would say that a print provider should only output what you give them, but it should be clear what you are providing. You and your print provider should have an...
  6. arossetti

    Can I create a curve adjustment in Acrobat Pro DC?

    No, this is not an option in Acrobat, someone might know if a trick through a fix-up or something but there isn't a simple curve adjustment. Can this happen at the RIP instead of in the file if everyone doesn't have access to pitstop?
  7. arossetti

    blotchy bue and green on Versant 2100

    Usually this can be corrected with a 2nd bias transfer voltage adjustment. Sorry it has been a little time since I was around one and forget how to get to the setting to adjust.
  8. arossetti

    Looking to offer time on a Heidelberg digital press

    This sounds like a dangerous business decision for a not-so great printer. This is just a Ricoh, not a Heidelberg. Ricoh is a fine printer but I wouldn't expect someone to twist their business plan for one. What can a Ricoh do that a Xerox, Canon, KM can't that wouldn't require you to have to...
  9. arossetti

    The floppy

    I would buy an Oregon Trail on 5.25 or SimCity on 3.5.
  10. arossetti

    Which one is a cost-effective color printer?

    May I suggest this? Has 120 color channels so....pretty advanced.
  11. arossetti

    Which one is a cost-effective color printer?

    The one that is on sale at Staples.
  12. arossetti

    The floppy

    Nothing was more satisfying than the clicking noise of the 5.25 going into an Apple external drive.
  13. arossetti

    Saddle Stitch booklet maker for a small shop

    Because when I suggested a $5,000-$7,000 solution to stitch, fold, trim your books you said that was way out of your budget. I didn't have a reference point as to what your budget is so I offered the cheapest solution which can be had for under $50.
  14. arossetti

    Saddle Stitch booklet maker for a small shop

    I missed that, where did you say that?
  15. arossetti

    Saddle Stitch booklet maker for a small shop

    Instead of having us guess why don't you tell us your budget? A $5,000-$7,000 booklet maker is pretty inexpensive. You can also buy a long reach stapler for $10.00 USD.
  16. arossetti

    Saddle Stitch booklet maker for a small shop

    I would buy a used Horizon SPF-10 and hand feed them.
  17. arossetti

    Could it be a bug in the color management implementation of FPV?

    I'm a little lost in what we are talking about exactly also but it sounds like maybe black point compensation needs to be applied to the rendering if your shadows are plugged up.?
  18. arossetti

    Fiery Color Profiler Suite Updates

    So command workstation only comes with 1 year of service on a 5 year lease?
  19. arossetti

    Fiery Color Profiler Suite Updates

    Wow, that is pretty shi**y
  20. arossetti

    HP Scitex 11000

    Anyone out there with a HP 11000 using the 245 inkset?

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