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    Free PrePress

    Just thought this recent experience maybe helpful. I do holiday and sickness cover for prepress & finishing at several different print shops and when they are overloaded with work. A long time client got a job in from a local authority here in the U.K. Unfortunately it needed a bit of prepress...
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    What is the difference?

    Originally we had water based which was no good outdoors. Then we had solvent inks - good outdoors. Then we have UV inks - good outdoors in the sunshine and on solid substrates. Latex? What is it used for? Can anyone give a list of features/benefits for each of the wide format technologies?
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    Adobe Creative Cloud fonts

    Using Adobe Creative Cloud applications and fonts. Create CMYK artwork in InDesign and export as PDF. Send to client who both views onscreen and then prints on desktop inkjet using Adobe Acrobat Reader (the free version). Our onscreen version and clients onscreen version look the same, but...
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    photo-chromatic ink

    This was an actual request today from a marketing agency: We want a mailer that will appear blank until taken out of the envelope. We want the ink to then start slowly appearing once the mailer is out of the envelope. We were thinking of using photo-chromatic inks in different colours. We...
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    Client sees online proof onscreen and then asks why is there the word OF towards the top right hand corner? Client is sent a PDF via email and says it looks exactly the same. After fruitless conversations a site visit is arranged where we see the client's shiny new wide screen LCD monitor &...
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    UK franchisees

    Doing prepress for some years now; now mostly temp work through agencies and occasionally get sent to one of the High Street franchise operations for a day or two. Minuteman press franchisees say they have to have Corel Draw, but many of them also have AdobeCS; I have been told by franchisees...
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    Hi, first may I point out that I am a prepress guy and not a pressman and therefore this question may be stupid - please forgive my ignorance. THE PROBLEM: many of the single Pantone colour print jobs we are outsourcing arrive back with a variation in colour across the entire print run. It is...
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    Presstek Letterheads

    Can a Presstek DI press print letterheads that a client can then use in a laser printer? I have been informed that letterheads printed on Presstek DI presses when passed through laser printers sometimes have an issue with ink melting - can anyone confirm or otherwise? No I do not have a...

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