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    Problem with Creo Lotem

    Hello colleagues: Our small print shop bought a CTP used a few weeks ago, especially to deal with emergencies, because outsourcing the printing plates took us too long to arrive (24-48h). It is a Creo Lotem 800 II of the year 2003. At first everything worked correctly but now it makes some...
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    X-rite Exact Scann VS Techkon SpectroJet

    Hi guys: In our small printing press we want to change the old densitometer. We are evaluating two options: - X-rite Exact Scann standard + InkKeyControl Software - Techkon SpectroJet + ExPresso Pro Software Both have similar prices. It is for use in Offset B1 Roland 700 - 2 colors. In our...

e-Book: Steps to a More Profitable Workflow

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Key Steps To Making Your Workflow Profitable
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