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    Light Booth suggestions?

    We are a Commercial Photography Studio. We shoot a wide variety of products for one of our clients. They have sent us a monitor and calibrating tool and asked us to set it up with specific calibration settings. 6500K white point 160 Luminance and 2.2 Gamma using the Adobe 1998 color space, using...
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    Rip Suggestions

    Hi, I am looking for a self contained, relatively simple set up, easy to maintain RIP that can produce verifiable GraCol and SWOP Proofs. Our current workflow is basically 2 macs printing Indesign files across a network to a color burst rip with an Epson 4800. Mostly tif images, no spot colors...
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    General Print Standard

    I hope this is the correct forum, please advise if not. We are a commercial Photography Studio shooting a wide range of products and are in the process of upgrading old equipment. We have been using an Epson Stylus Pro 4800 with the Colorburst rip using the supplied SP4800 SWOP Epson...

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