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  1. zamir

    Cutting Dies for Hydraulic Paper/label Cutter.

    Can anybody recommend a supplier of dies with reasonable prices?
  2. zamir

    Training for Horizon 3 Knife Trimmer HT-101.

    Dear friends, I just bought a second hand Horizon CABS 5000 line year 2008. As there is no other machine like this in Israel, the local agent has no experience for training us to operate the 3 Knife Trimmer HT-101. Who can give me a name of a dealer or engineer or operator for 2-3 working...
  3. zamir

    heidelberg feeder pile drive.

    Dear Chock, Sorry for my late reply. I have not seen the alert for your response... Listen Chock, I'm only the owner of a Printing Shop. I'm sorry. I don't quite understand your analysis. Are you an engineer? Heidelberg expert? I can pass your advises to the local Heidelberg agents here in...
  4. zamir

    heidelberg feeder pile drive.

    Dear Chock, In the new models there is no Cptronic. Now it comes with the Preset Plus Feeder which is controlled by The Prinect Press Center. I also believe that the problem is not in the motor, because when I bypass it on the screen, it gets back to work, so maybe it's a software issue. I...
  5. zamir

    heidelberg feeder pile drive.

    Hello everybody, My Heidelberg 102CD is 2010 and the feeder pile motor is not functioning well. It turns off few times a day. It gets back to work after bypassing the alert by clicking that It has been fixed. I sent it to an expert to repair it 2 times but it didn't help. The Heidelberg agent...
  6. zamir

    Kodak Quantum III 400_Problem

    Thank you Mr. Zmyslowski. I'll check.
  7. zamir

    Kodak Quantum III 400_Problem

    Dear Lotem Quantum users, As you can see in the attached photo,I have problem of registration in the CMYK plates due to the EDGE DETECTION SYSTEM which is adopted by KODAK, meaning the plates are aligned by reading the emultion on the plate's edge. It happens when I'm using plates from China or...

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