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    Plate Pricing

    It must be OK if Amazon does it....right?
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    Ricoh 7100 issues

    Yes, but have you tried to print directly to it using the 7100 windows print driver via network and or USB?
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    Printing variable data envelopes

    NPSOA has pricing surveys with all your answers: NPSOA Survey Studies
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    The Run Around

    "I can transfer you to someone else, but they won't speak english"
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    Printing variable data envelopes

    I think your leaving money on the table for not charging for addressing, that would go towards paying for your variable data software.
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    Will an E-47B controller work with Ricoh C7100?

    Clone the drive to a larger HD.
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    Ricoh Pro C7500 vs C7200X

    Think very hard about if you NEED 5th color, most get it and never have the customer base willing to pay for it. The 7200 is a work horse, the 7500 also adds the ability to print better on textured paper due to the new transfer belt. My tech is not to crazy about the new GUI for the 7500, he...
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    Ricoh 7100 - blue light blinks but does not print

    Do you have glass on yours? Can you do copies? Another test would be to print a test page. Click the fiery button on the user panel then go to the fiery logo button on top right then click printable info and try printing a PS test page.
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    The Plant Tour

    For 2024 the dart system will be replaced by AI....
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    Ricoh 7100 - blue light blinks but does not print

    When doing a full power cycle our tech has us also turn the power switch off behind the left door for 20 seconds then turn it back on, then turn the main power button on that is on top.
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    Ricoh 7100 - blue light blinks but does not print

    Once I got a running machine I stopped doing patches, I had so many I had to roll back from I stopped installing them. You might need to go back to a previous backup if you have installed updates and get this issue, it is a DFE issue.
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    Ricoh 7100 - blue light blinks but does not print

    Mine will do this if something is corrupt in the file I am trying to print from the fiery. Usually have to fix the file to get it to print.
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    Rating Tech Support

    Like asking for a tip at Panera when they just had you a muffin.
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    The Bonus

    Frank is obviously not in Sales. No I in team but you can spell me.
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    Day vs Night Shift

    Shift being the operative word.
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    Xerox 700i for Sale in Los Angeles $1500

    I sold our old 700i for $500 about 6 months ago just to get rid of that boat anchor. The supplies it came with was $499 and the printer was $1 :D
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    BCC Mail Manager FS Speed Issues

    @gregbatch Curious if you ever investigated BCC Presort? With the issues here lately with MM the need to look at other products has increased.
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    Iridesse color consistency issues...

    Wouldn't that give you more ammo for getting Xerox to fix it?
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    Iridesse color consistency issues...

    Wonder if you could get it G7 certified, the Iridesse is listed as being capable.
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    Need help in this situation

    That is one of the lower Black clicks I have seen, I am guessing they did not do a proper analysis of your print mix, your Color click is a tad bit high, this is based on the 7200. What are they wanting to up it to?


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