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  1. Baldbug

    KM 1075 / 1085 vs. Xerox Versant 80 vs Ricoh C7100

    Hi Everyone, we're coming up on 3.5 years of owing the KM C1085, so just for an update the press is still functioning very well. We have had a lot of problems with the FS532 folder/stapler unit and this has now been replaced with a new FS532 Unit. The press still prints beautifully for all the...
  2. Baldbug

    KM 1075 / 1085 vs. Xerox Versant 80 vs Ricoh C7100

    Well it's nearly 2 years on since we installed the C1085. No ongoing problems happening with the press, the last time a techie was here was to do a firmware update. We ran a 1000 copies of a 12 page all colour booklet earlier this week on 190gsm stock, print, collate, staple, fold and Square...
  3. Baldbug

    KM 1075 / 1085 vs. Xerox Versant 80 vs Ricoh C7100

    Hi everyone, Happy New Year. I haven't posted for a while on Print Planet about our C1085 mainly because I have not much to post. The C1085 just does what we purchased it for and that is to do lots small run Digital Print jobs. We now have a second fuser unit which is used to print A4 and A4S...
  4. Baldbug

    KM 1075 / 1085 vs. Xerox Versant 80 vs Ricoh C7100

    Hi Bruceprint, we used the backup profiles on our new Fiery 308 Server and had no probs with them and the Fiery and C1085 are both running well.
  5. Baldbug

    KM 1100 - Xerox 2100 -Ricoh 7100

    We have a C1085 and have had it just over a year. Registration is not to a problem, we use tray 1 for A4/A3 and tray 2 and 3 for SRA3 only. We duplex a lot of 350gsm matt and gloss stock with no problems using SRA3 and SRA4. Sure we do an XY adjustment on the side 2 but its pretty quick to do.
  6. Baldbug

    KM 1075 / 1085 vs. Xerox Versant 80 vs Ricoh C7100

    With our Fiery Server it was given a make over of its life. First the HD replaced, then the RAM, then the Motherboard, then a BUS cable, then a Video Interface card was replaced on the C1085 and the RAM reseated on the C1085 and all the software for Windows and Fiery updated with all the patches...
  7. Baldbug

    KM 1075 / 1085 vs. Xerox Versant 80 vs Ricoh C7100

    Just an update. We are still happy with our C1085. One of the jobs I printed yesterday was a 280gsm Doggett Linen Board cover stock for a run-on for some books we are printing. On the C1085 the covers printed in one run running at about 40 SRA3 sheets per min. I remember back to my Xerox 700i...
  8. Baldbug

    KM 1075 / 1085 vs. Xerox Versant 80 vs Ricoh C7100

    Time flies, it's nearly a year since the KMC1085 was installed. It hasn't been all plain sailing, we've had some probs with the machine but they are always fixed, parts replaced as and when required. Our machine has just had a yearly makeover with modifications fitted. We have had some static...
  9. Baldbug

    Ricoh c7100 or KM c1085 Does anyone have experience with both?

    We've had our C1085 about a year now. A few RIP problems to start with and plain sailing until this winter we have some static problems which have been resolved with new static tinsel added improved paper path, earthing straps fitted and a water conditioner added to the Humidifier Unit. We did...
  10. Baldbug

    KM 1075 / 1085 vs. Xerox Versant 80 vs Ricoh C7100

    Sounds to me like your Tech should seek help from his manager who would have access back to KM. Any issues that are beyond scope of the Technician here are referred back to KM Australia and are always resolved very quickly.
  11. Baldbug

    KM 1070 - static (on Gloss especially)

    We had a job this week which was 128gsm Gloss and we had Static problems in the folder/stapler on our C1085. There are some new upgraded components which are available for the Folder Stapler unit to help with Static buildup and they are going to be fitted this coming week. The static is only in...
  12. Baldbug

    Booklet folding adjustment xerox

    We used to have a Xerox 700i with a Booklet Maker on the end of it. When there was a problem with the Booklet Maker we would call the Xerox Technician in to fix it. The techies would pull their hair out rectifying the problems, but they always seemed to get a workaround or get it fixed until it...
  13. Baldbug

    KM 1075 / 1085 vs. Xerox Versant 80 vs Ricoh C7100

    Hi Slimbh, we don't have any registration problems. We setup Tray 2 to run SRA3 size only and we setup the stock registration on that tray. Having said that when we duplex the X Y position is out of registration usually about .5 to 1 mm which we fix manually in the 308 setup area which fixes the...
  14. Baldbug

    KM 1075 / 1085 vs. Xerox Versant 80 vs Ricoh C7100

    No we don't do that. We only print SRA3 folded to SRA4. We only print on SRA3, SRA4, A3, A4, A4S and occasionally Custom Sizes. "62x30cm size to be folded on three A4" One one job has come in so far in 10 months for this size so we will just outsource it. One job has just come in for white print...
  15. Baldbug

    KM 1075 / 1085 vs. Xerox Versant 80 vs Ricoh C7100

    It's been a while since I posted on this blog about my C1085. Not issues to report, we just walk up to it load it with stock and print with it. Today I ran 200 x 44 page programmes, 5 x lots of double sided postcards, 500 x A4 folded to DL flyers, 500 x Double DL Flyers folded to DL, some Mactac...
  16. Baldbug

    Konica Minolta 1060 setup

    We have the same 3 drawer air feed trays on our C1085 and they good. Great stock pickup from 70gsm to 350gsm. Using tray 1 we have Air Assist on manual so we adjust the air pressure for lighter stocks and smaller sheet sizes. We have an 80 page Booklet finisher which gives no probs and a little...
  17. Baldbug

    Looking at buying used Konica C8000

    We have had our C1085 now for about 8 months and it was out of our price range so we configured it to be in our price range along with the reduced clic charges which were 40% less than the Xerox we had, we were able to purchase a C1085. I'm glad we purchased it because it is very reliable, has...
  18. Baldbug

    KM c1070 - printing on textured paper

    We have the next KM model up in a C1085. In the Control Panel on the Press there are a lot features that allow for extra fuser heat to added or removed, or if we need a gloss finish or a matt finish these are automatic features now. We can also use the max stock weight and increase the fuser...
  19. Baldbug

    Large output digital press

    To me Offset is like Letterpress. It's another phase in evolution of printing. Whether we like it or not Digital is the next phase. They are talking 5 - 10 years and all the operators of printing presses will be Robotic. Here is a better clip on how Memjet is taking over from Offset...
  20. Baldbug

    Large output digital press

    One of the devices we are looking at is a Vortex 4200. I'm getting sample prints done at the moment. As mentioned on this site there are banding and streaking issues but supposedly then new units have all these bugs sorted.


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