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    Uv ink slinging on a Heidelberg

    To be precise, UV inks don't "dry", they cure. How did you evaluate UV Cure? Physical rub test, Chemical resistance. Are UV lights guarded/shielded so no light (radiation) is striking or "Flashing" the plate and curing there? Dry-up/catchup, tinting/toning, scumming/sensitivity all look...
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    "Less than" digital color management question

    Ask your vendor's (ink, paper, device) if they profile for you as a free service?
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    Fuji plate thickness

    You didn't mention what the specific quality issue is? Image sharpness from poor focus? Loose fit in press plate clamp?
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    Uv ink slinging on a Heidelberg

    Did roller vendor recommend EPDM composition?
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    Preventing springing edges in folded paperboard boxes

    A packaging structural designer or die maker should be able to answer that. I think a higher number of smaller perfs will be "stiffer" and have more memory. A folding carton packing QC lab often has a machine to measure force to open & close folds. Also, on the folder/gluer, how much of a...
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    No-Tox inks custom proof profile and plate curves

    Magnus, I agree with your statement. When an ink guy tells a press guy to run to a lower density, that might be interpreted as meaning a thinner ink film thickness (IFT). The ink fountain blade keys or ball/ductor sweep will be less because it's stronger. Doing a side-side ink draw down (Little...
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    Verifying full gamut RGB prints

    Low cost solution is bring both characterization data sets into Excel and calculate a Delta E for each pair of patches (1,617 if IT8.7/4). Then do some basic stats for average and standard deviation. Could even make a histogram.
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    Preventing springing edges in folded paperboard boxes

    Check the grain direction of both your and their samples? Are they using any perforations instead of crease/scores?
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    Color rendering with direct offset printing on brown kraft cardboard

    Outsource to a trade/packing printer who has a press with an UV anilox coater in unit #1 to lay down opaque white first. Use a flexo relief plate. If customer doesn't care about how the inside of the box looks, print on white litho wrap sheet to match kraft color, then emboss corrugate texture...
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    No-Tox inks custom proof profile and plate curves

    When you run an ink to a lower SID it usually for 2 reasons. 1) It is stronger, has more pigment concentration. 2) It has more dot gain, so you are compensating instead of making a new curve.
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    Yes, my brother Joe unfortunately passed away in March 2018 from a severe stoke. At the time he...

    Yes, my brother Joe unfortunately passed away in March 2018 from a severe stoke. At the time he was working for Heidelberg after being at GATF in Pittsburgh.
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    No-Tox inks custom proof profile and plate curves

    Do you know the Lab values of your current ink set, as well as SID (solid ink density) & TVI (tone value increase). Curious, if you changed ink vendors with regular inks, would you use the same old ICC profiles and plate curves or would you re-fingerprint?
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    Color Management Issues with GMG ColorServer

    You mention a long-time frame, over years. I assume you have a standard test image printed from then vs now, with exactly the same settings and conditions. How do you know your media paper is stable and not causing the color shift?
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    Best tutorials for print workers?

    How about this for Xerography basics?
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    Soft-touch waterbase coating

    Are you applying via coater roller or anilox? Do you know your coat weight? Are you stirring/agitating drum constantly (solids settle)? Maybe do a fingernail scratch test every hour for 8 hrs after printing to see if drying time does have an effect?
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    Coating Sling

    Have you checked the coating weight? Maybe you're putting down too much? Is the anilox volume (BCM) and viscosity (Zahn Cup) correct for the application (cosmetic gloss vs functional)? Also, what about squeeze pressure (stripe) between coating blanket and anilox and coating blanket and back...
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    Another newspaper folds

    ps: Buffalo News is over 150 years old. Buffalo's 2nd daily newspaper "Courier-Express" closed in 1982. Mark Twain was an editor from 1869-1871.
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    Another newspaper folds

    The Buffalo News is now printed in Cleveland, 3 hrs away! How are they going to report on Bills vs. Browns football? Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway owned from 1977-2020, then sold to Lee Ent. for $140M. Building and property is in center of downtown and worth more than the business.
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    Proof disclaimers

    That's fine for objective, factual errors (text & art). But what about subject press to proof color matching? Is the color match close/good enough? Anyone recall the old "Printers Trade Customs" that use to be printed in light gray ink in 8 pt type on the back of the quote? It's "Commercially...
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    Epson 7890

    Is the goal to have your proof match your display (soft proof) or to match the press?


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