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  1. Ynot_UK

    Vehicle magnets

    Completely off topic, this reminded me of a very early car phone kit I had 30+ years ago with one of those long stick-on antennae. The day it was installed the thing flew off on what turned out to be a dual carriageway... as I discovered shortly after turning around and driving slowly in the...
  2. Ynot_UK

    "Dry Erase" Posters - Where to Find Wholesale Vendor?

    Do they simply mean "dry wipe", i.e. finished with a gloss dry wipe laminate that can be written on with a whiteboard marker and erased with a cloth?
  3. Ynot_UK

    KM 14000 sheet size

    Are you feeding from the bypass tray or do you have the PF-812 paper deck? At what point does the jam indicate? I.e. does the substrate register and start feeding?
  4. Ynot_UK

    Duplo Dusense doing labels

    There's so much wrong with this account. If YOU are buying a machine, YOU sign it off, not the vendor! ...and only after extensive testing with a variety of your jobs - real jobs on your substrates. However that's not the reason I'm posting - it's the part I've highlighted in red that's...
  5. Ynot_UK

    Duplo Dusense doing labels

    What is the weight/thickness of your label substrate? A quick Google indicates the Dusense accepts "Coated paper 160 to 450 GSM"
  6. Ynot_UK

    A4 stitched booklet to A5 folder

    I very much doubt that would work. The folding pressure on the booklet maker is not comparable to that on a buckle folder and the input assembly on the DBM150 is sensitive to detecting poorly fed stock. I once fed a small quantity (of flat paper) through it in fold only mode and the output...
  7. Ynot_UK

    Hand fed booklet makers

    We have an FS-532 with just the stapler module fitted on our B/W machine (Pro951) and on the C4080 it's even more basic - the OT-510 stacker with no finishing capability. In any print shop with competent operators, offline finishing always wins IMO. For these reasons: Certainly in the UK...
  8. Ynot_UK

    Upgrading from Xerox V180. Options?

    Not here, we're KM. Sorry.
  9. Ynot_UK

    Upgrading from Xerox V180. Options?

    They are re-badged Ricoh machines, with Heidelberg's Prinect DFE
  10. Ynot_UK

    Who makes 100% White Brightness Paper

    another +1 for Navigator. I'll vouch for their 99.99% jam free claim being credible, we often run more than 10k sides/sheets with no jams whatsoever.
  11. Ynot_UK

    Hand fed booklet makers

    I think you mean the Duplo DBM150T (the 'T' signifies the trimmer module is fitted). We have one, with a Morgana 104 Squarefold on the end and it is a great little combination with minimal footprint. There's the benefit of it being futureproofed in that if your volumes significantly...
  12. Ynot_UK

    Vaping Labels - Epson just doesn't do me justice! Help required

    ^^^ This. Your most recent company accounts look healthy and suggest your business is established and profitable. Indeed you look to be in a similar position to where we were in 2020, when we began an 18-month investment programme including KM 4080 colour press, Matrix laminator/Omniflow and...
  13. Ynot_UK

    How OLD are your macs?

    Glad it's not just me! Not so much nowadays, but there used to be a real stigma about using PCs, in that long in the tooth print professionals wouldn't take you seriously. It was like having an embarrassing car... :LOL:
  14. Ynot_UK

    So... I knew I was going to regret it!

    Water under the bridge now, but for anyone in a similar position, the advantage of the C3070 in terms of future years' support/parts availability, is although the machine is discontinued, the model replacing it (C4070) uses many of the same parts. This of course gives additional years...
  15. Ynot_UK

    Recommended press/finishing for playing/trading cards?

    Here's an on-topic article from a while back...
  16. Ynot_UK

    I have Xerox Versant 2100 for 4 Month i have this issu when i printing Background come with Bands and line as this sample 50% of 4 color

    We've occasionally experienced similar conditions on our KM C4080... the thin horizontal lines were corona related and the vertical banding was drum related. Assuming you have a full service click contract, your technician should easily resolve both within 24 hours. In the meantime, you could...
  17. Ynot_UK

    Upgrading from Xerox V180. Options?

    The "official count" is the number of clicks you are charged for on an average month. Ideally broken down into Colour clicks and B/W clicks That's what @PricelineNegotiator was asking
  18. Ynot_UK

    Upgrading from Xerox V180. Options?

    For 200k monthly volume, irrespective of manufacturer, IMO you'd be better off spreading the load across two machines, to give redundancy. EDIT: my comment above not applicable in this instance now, since the OP and I posted simultaneously!
  19. Ynot_UK

    Upgrading from Xerox V180. Options?

    I meant at the start of a long job, particularly where the substrate in given tray/s has changed. To be honest, it holds up pretty well when replenishing the same substrates in the same trays. Perhaps I’m slightly OCD but we often do jobs like tent cards where it’s good not to be even a...


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