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  1. SteveAgfa

    What ever happened to Ink Optimisation?

    Rtwain: Sorry we missed you at the show - Agfa was featuring :Apogee InkSave as part of our pressroom efficiency area. You can learn more by visiting... - :Apogee InkSave Regards,
  2. SteveAgfa

    In Need of Cyrel Plate Vendor for Coatings

    Chevalier: Perhaps I missed your location - If you are located in the US, then please realize that Pitman - an Agfa Company - has been a distributor for duPont Cyrel(TM) products for over 35 years. That relationship has recently been renewed... FLEXO Industry News Perhaps your local Pitman...
  3. SteveAgfa

    RE:Print in book form?

    And oh - Boston Pizza is a local BC chain out of Richmond - so you're safe!
  4. SteveAgfa

    RE:Print in book form?

    No fret Gordo - I thought before the series started that Vancouver would win. Tim Thomas is a UVM alum. Universitas Viridis Montis, aka University of Vermont.
  5. SteveAgfa

    RE:Print in book form?

    Gordo: Can you do another poll without the autograph? (smile) Sorry about those Bruins! (grin)
  6. SteveAgfa

    DuPont-Howson Autolith operation manual

    Padrao: Please check with your local Agfa affiliate, as Agfa acquired the duPont/Howson business line about 13 years ago. (My, how time flies!) Regards
  7. SteveAgfa

    How to impose 1 Bit Tiff files

    imagesetting: Your comments reflect the reasoning behind hybrid or in our case Sublima XM screening. At 175 lpi AM screening, a 2% dot is 2x2 pixels (21 microns). That's the smallest size dot we use in an XM implementation. To get a lighter tone, we no longer make the dot smaller, we make...
  8. SteveAgfa

    Chemical Costs

    viofems... Trillian and Brillia HD are not chem-free. Perhaps you were aware of that. With Azura TS, you'll go through about one jug of gum/clean-out solution for every 3,200 ft2 of plates. No other chemistry, and only a few liters of water between jugs of gum to rinse the unit. Regards,
  9. SteveAgfa

    Travel Approval

    Of course, approvals are now web-based through the virtual travel agency. Unfortunately, their server is acting up, so you might not get final approval and booking until after your arrival deadline.
  10. SteveAgfa

    Prinect vs Apogee

    Motor: Please work with your local Agfa digital systems specialist, who can plug you in to a live demo or 1 on 1 webinar to answer any questions you may have. Regards,
  11. SteveAgfa

    Prinect vs Apogee

    Hi Motor... Have you had any discussions surrounding Apogee's new Impose module? - Agfa's Apogee Impose Saves Time and Money in Prepress Regards,
  12. SteveAgfa

    File Formats

    Michael - is that you? ;-)
  13. SteveAgfa

    Azura TS

    TF: If they are suggesting that not enough energy is getting to the plate, have you asked yourself what has changed over the year? If the optics window has gotten dirty over the year, then that would be a cause of not enough energy getting to the plate. Azura looks properly exposed, even when...
  14. SteveAgfa

    Azura TS

    TF109 I sent you a PM. Have you called 1-800-TRY-AGFA? I'm not tech support - but it sounds like your optics might be dirty. Regards,
  15. SteveAgfa

    What's the state-of-the-art CTP for small offset?

    Doug: Have you had this discussion with your current graphic arts supplier? There is a wide assortment of imaging options for the volume and demand you require. From polyester plates that run through an optimized xerographic "laser" printer, to plates that run through a medium-sized ink jet...
  16. SteveAgfa

    Job Types

    Thanks Ox - I had forgotten. Technically, those would be square or top-hat profile pixie dust, vs. gaussian profile pixie dust. I suspect these would also be violet specks, as you can't see the IR thermal pixie dust.
  17. SteveAgfa

    Job Types

    How do you do a critical press approval on one job, when you are ganging all the jobs on one sheet? (smile)
  18. SteveAgfa

    Future of VIOLET CTP?

    Nshadab: If you're opening a plate service bureau, then poll your audience and see what the plate requirements are. If it's a 1 million impression run, or a harsh UV environment, then a baked thermal plate like our P970 might be your best fit. However, if you are servicing typical sheetfed...
  19. SteveAgfa

    LAPv on Prosetter

    Raymond: Good thing you are going to visit the customer directly, as something sounds amiss. I'm certainly not tech support, and it's dangerous for me to even speculate. In the past I've seen drips from condensation from other brands of processors, not ours. But then you start to mention UV...
  20. SteveAgfa


    printryt No one plate is best for all applications. Nor, is one engine or laser technology best for all applications. To complicate things further, Agfa has violet photopolymer, chem-free violet photopolymer, and violet silver (diffusion transfer) plate technologies. Given that, I'd vote...


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