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    Change IP of CP2000 machine

    Thanks for the reply. Yes I totally understand, I was trying to change the IP of the machine at the Windows OS level but then realised that I need the password of a local account that has admin permissions. Are you are suggesting you can change it at the Application (CP2000 Center) level too? I...
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    Change IP of CP2000 machine

    I have been trying to change the TCP/IP settings within Windows NT on the CP2000 machine but the user which auto logs in (OPI) doesn't have local admin permission to the machine so I can't change any settings. The admin users on the computer are Administrator, hdmservice and Service - does...
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    Change IP of CP2000 machine

    Repro79 did you get a chance to see my photo? Thanks, Naysan
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    Change IP of CP2000 machine

    Service mode picture attached, I've probably just missed it somewhere! All the settings I changed were in Data Storage Management in the System column.
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    Change IP of CP2000 machine

    Thanks for the reply, I've looked everywhere in service mode but can't find where the IP for the CP2000 is set. I have changed in PPF path under Service/Data Storage Configuration/Edit Configuration (see attached) but where is the CP2000 IP stored? Thanks, Naysan
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    Change IP of CP2000 machine

    Hi there, We have a Heidelberg SM102 with CP2000 (Ver. CP2_0.37.600) and Prinect Prepress Interface 3.4 set up to transfer CIP3 files over the network. I recently changed our network subnet from 192.168.1.XXX to 10.44.1.XXX, the Prinect machine has had its IP changed but I'm struggling to...


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