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    coating blankets

    Change the blanket, no. Unless it was smashed or damaged..... Changing the packing is a must.
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    Kodak Approval NX for sale

    Used Kodak Approval NX in good working condition. Comes with Kodak laminator and RIP software. Make offer! Located in West Los Angeles. Send me a PM if interested.
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    Komori Overshoot Problems

    Sounds like a new press?? Is warranty is valid I would have Komori fix.
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    Slime in water circulator and water trays

    Just curious when you have done a good clean out and back flush of the unit/lines? I do one time every year
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    Cold foil, UV and conventional adhesive

    Hey guys! Toyo is good, but have found more universal results with INX 3020HT. Once in this cold foil game you will find some consumables work better than others for different types of work. Screens, solids, vignettes, and synthetic stocks. The right blanket is KEY as well. Chevalier, I...
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    Stock counts???

    Inch count. What ever the stock mics. at is how may inches a thousand sheets would be. 80# book mics at .004, so every 4" would be a thousand sheets.
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    Cold foil blanket

    Have you tried this product? If so, how did it work with pulling screens?
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    Soft Touch coating doesn't adhere / set

    You need to add cross link to the coating. Ask your vendor. Even with that it will take a while to dry. I replied to a similar post.
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    Soft Touch coating doesn't adhere / set

    Soft touch sometimes requires a cross linker that helps set up faster. Ask your vendor for this. This cross link does cut back the soft feel a bit but will help lock up faster on heavy ink coverage jobs. They do not manufacture the coating with this in it because it will ruin the coating in a...
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    Blankets on press

    Look into products from Conti-Tech
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    Soft touch Aqueous Coating

    Just the same as you would dry regular AQ coatings. Load Temps the same as well . Always more HAK than IR.
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    UV/Conventional/Hybrid Inks. Blankets? Photopolymer?

    Hopefully it gets denied, LOL! Your pressman are going to love you for having them try that. If your Dry trapping that lamp will chew right through that material. Most swelling issues come from lamp exposure and ink. Lamp is the main source. If the units dont have sheilding or the position is...
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    Top Quality Printing - how is done?

    Thats why you go as only, D Ink Man. Thought you more rounded than that??
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    Are there G7 certified ink stes in UV & Conventional

    Hopefully all you ink Techs can shed some light on this for me. I have been told that our press room needs a G7 certified ink. Is there such a thing? Or what would get a set in the Paramiters that G7 requiers? Thanks.
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    With a thin ink film it would be like not spreading enough peanut butter on your bread, nothing but crumbs.
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    Horizontal streaking

    Well it seems you have it nailed down, if every press you have is doing it.
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    TOYO Ink , Sales and Service question?

    I would agree that most of the ink companies have no real support like this. Yet, when we were with Toyo, our rep was always willing to get his hands dirty and he did service our account in that matter. Also now that I have moved on to a smaller ink company they to aswell will work with us when...
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    UV white opaque coatings

    Good luck. Through the coater a UV FLexo white can be ran. You would need a speacial engraved anilox for this. And the results still may not be good enough. Then the fun part is trying to clean the coating pump system good enough to run normal coating. If you have to go this route i would...
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    Lenticular troubleshooting

    Well if you had any experience on a press you would know that a Komori dampening unit is much different than a Heidelberg. Also that a Komori dampening system dose leave tall tale signs of certain dry up patterns. So for an inexperienced pencil pushing man like your self, I wouldn't expect you...


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