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    Adding adhesive sealing strip to prints

    What did you end up doing on this if I may ask and was USPS ok with it sealing with a strip rather than glue dots?
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    Oki Toner, Drums

    yes and have photos - I am only looking for $600 total plus shipping but I need to move it and ebay is a pain, thank you for your interest - Spener
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    Oki Toner, Drums

    We have Toner 42918921- CMYK 2 of each & 1 set Drums for 9600-9850 & 1 Fuser 9600-9850 & 1 TFS Belt 9600-9850 and a few more related items let me know if any interest
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    Accuzip Down

    Are there any others using Accuzip for mailing that have had any success in processing jobs or finding alternatives?
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    are you still looking for any toner or drums?

    are you still looking for any toner or drums?


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