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    any idea about the Charge Counter of Amsky CTP machines

    I am Amsky dealer. What exactly do you want to know? It counts down to 0 and than you cannot expose a plate anymore. If you have fully paid the machine, we can switch to unlimited plate count. I hope that this answer helped. Kind regards helmi007
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    basysprint spare parts

    Are you from Grafica360?
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    basysprint spare parts

    Hi, has anybody contact with the post opener? I would like to get in contact with him, but it's not possible. Thanks in advance helmi007
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    Anyone using Basysprint CTcP ?

    Hi, we service BasysPrint UVSetters in Austria and all Eastern European countries since more than 10 years, therefor I think we know very well about all the advantages and disadvantages of these machines. If you have any questien concerning BasysPrint CTP, don't hesitate to contact me. Kind...
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    basysprint spare parts

    Dear tomjoness, I have sent you PM concerning the DMDs. Kind regards helmi007


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