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    Xante Iqueue Crashing

    That issue was resolved in an update with iQueue version 14.0.9. It's available for download on from the Xante site:
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    Xante Symphony Flexo RIP Users

    From Xante technical support: The only effective way to save any digitally rendered file is to save the final Tiff file. To reprint the job just drop it back into the platesetter's tiff catcher or the RIP. To add or subtract information from the file you can use an optional tiff editor in...
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    Xante Platemaker 4 issues

    office-offset, I PM'd you a possible solution.
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    Envelope printing

    There's a bit more to the feed mechanism than just getting envelopes to the bypass tray but that's all part of the patented technology in that feeder. Understand, too, that the price includes everything including the software to run it, color matching, etc. But, of course, affordability depends...
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    Digital Envelope Printers.... AGAIN... This time OKI C931DP vesus Xante Impressia

    In fact, there's a special running right now. Your dealer should have all the details.
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    Digital Envelope Printers.... AGAIN... This time OKI C931DP vesus Xante Impressia

    I will pass along your comments. We are always seeking to improve wherever possible but without specifics it's difficult to fix problems. The anecdotes about general experiences keep getting propagated along with general comments about product models that have long been superseded by newer...
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    Digital Envelope Printers.... AGAIN... This time OKI C931DP vesus Xante Impressia

    The big difference between the Oki with its feeder and the Impressia with the Enterprise feeder is the positioning of the envelopes as they enter the printer. Envelopes feeding into the Oki must be positioned with the printing side (flap) face up. On the Impressia the printing side is face down...
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    Digital Envelope Printers.... AGAIN... This time OKI C931DP vesus Xante Impressia

    The OKI and the Impressia both use an imaging transfer belt which is completely different from the older model Ilumina brand from Xante (where the media contacted the imaging drums directly). Printing on the back flap with either should not pose difficulty. I can speak from experience with the...
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    Xante Impressia opinions

    Shawnd, During print runs with the Ilumina HWC, I haven't experienced it stopping that frequently. It's not unusual for any engine to pause and recalibrate etc during longer runs or as the consumables near their end-of-life. The Ilumina HWC does pause before the run starts and after any...
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    Xante Impressia opinions

    Correct. The Impressia uses a different imaging technology (laser) than the older Ilumina models so the media never contacts the imaging drums directly. The new model Ilumina HWC also differs from the older models in that the media and drums don't contact each other. Printing on the back flaps...
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    Xante Impressia opinions

    tjparker, Have you tried increasing the Media Weight setting in iQueue (as damfino suggests)? Looks like you're feeding long edge first and that toner ghost is coming from the previous envelope. The fuser isn't gapped for catalog envelopes is it? Also may be residue on fuser rollers. Printing...


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