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    Being Competent

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    Plate Pricing

    It's "Price Match Guarantee"
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    Plate Pricing

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    The increment of the raster point is different.

    To avoid confusion, what are the actual numbers. For example, at what % are you measuring? When you say an 8% deviation do you mean that if your target is 71% measured at the 50% you are actually getting 79% or are you getting 76%. Also can you graph your dot gain curves - target vs actual?
  5. gordo

    The increment of the raster point is different.

    I think you're talking about dot gain? When you say "And I found that the increase of the raster point on different paper sheets is different, both plus and minus," - what is the actual amount of change from your standard?
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    The Run Around

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    One-third of U.S. newspapers as of 2005 will be gone by 2024

    Sadly, the downward spiral continues.
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    The Plant Tour

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    Who makes 100% White Brightness Paper

    Just a side note that might help when discussing brightness/whiteness with suppliers. For most printers and print buyers, the terms brightness and whiteness are interchangeable. However, when describing the characteristics of paper there are some important differences between the two terms...
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    Rating Tech Support

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    The Bonus

    It’s the extra work you do for the same pay.
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    The Bonus

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    Great New York Times job opportunity

    The venerable New York Times is looking for a person to head up their AI initiative - including its use in editorial and news content generation and reporting. A full description of the job opportunity and application can be found at this link...
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    Who's advice to follow?

    The OP stated they have a "slinging" issue. You mention toning/scumming which are two separate things that are not slinging. I totally agree that "It’s helpful to first know what the problem actually is before you can go about trying to successfully solve it" - in fact it's critical. That's why...
  15. gordo

    Who's advice to follow?

    Can you post a micro photo of the slinging you're seeing? That should clarify what you mean by slinging and it will probably reveal what the problem is. This is what I mean by micro photo (halftone dots):
  16. gordo

    Who's advice to follow?

    Have them both in a room with you at the same time to look at the problem and discuss its resolution .
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    Day vs Night Shift

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    Kodak Prinergy Evo 5.3

    Download from here:
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    Employee Input

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    The smell of grey balance

    Cripes I'm old :-P


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