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    Your Prepress department

    In terms of communicating to management, perhaps foreign languages can be used as a metaphor. The team might have started out knowing the various "languages" (skills), but if you don't use it, you lose it. Perhaps you're still "conversational" enough that you could pick it back up but...
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    Windows 11

    Even more likely than a fire: a ransomware infection that starts at one computer and spreads laterally across the network to every machine it can talk to and every thing plugged into those machines. Your Time Machine backup won't do you any help if it gets encrypted too because it was plugged...
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    Windows 11

    That's the thing - Windows 7 has been "busted" in a lot of critical ways that are invisible to the average user until a bad actor takes advantage of them and then it's too late for you. Windows 10 addressed a lot of those issues. Will Windows 11 address even more, or will it take the path of...
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    Apple Silicon / M1 Macbook Air & Macbook Pro

    I'm not @PricelineNegotiator but I also bought a Mac Air for personal use and can comment on performance - it's fantastic. Quick and responsive even on emulated x86 apps. I don't even notice the supposed performance hit. The arm-native ones being released (Adobe just released Photoshop) are even...
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    Study shows face masks don’t stop infections

    "places" as in one place, California?
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    Moving Production Computers from Mac to PC

    I'd be fascinated to hear how a company could have an all-Mac network without it also being a "flat", unmanaged network.
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    Moving Production Computers from Mac to PC

    The good thing about people is they can learn and adapt. No sense in trashing something that could make long-term sense just because it's going to be hard in the short-term.
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    What's Driving Mac vs. PC Purchasing Today?

    I agree with a lot of your points (especially since Macs are now going to be using Apple Silicon and we've been seeing substantial real-world benefits from that tight integration between software and hardware). But I think it's also worth pointing out that it seems that modern Windows is able to...
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    System like 4Over's PrintersBridge

    We got it because it was fairly cheap as far as Web-To-Prints go and was pre-built. Haven't had much traction on it though because most of our clients are B2B, not B2C. Maybe you'd have some success if you've got a B2C base. The backend is a very cluttered and "busy" interface. You have to...
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    Do I need Indesign?

    One could argue a cloud version gives you 24/7 access from any internet connection and protects you from a catastrophe befalling the desktop running your software. Make sure you have regular, usable, up-to-date off-site backups of it somewhere =)
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    W2P design templates / vector graphic library?

    Some vendors will provide a catalog of design templates when you purchase their product so maybe you'll get lucky with the W2P you're leaning towards. Pressero is one I know of that comes with a "fully-built B2C" storefront, including template files for customers to design off of.
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    PSL Jetletter wont install properly.

    Have you tried running it in a compatibility mode? Right click the program or shortcut, click "Properties", then mess around in the "Compatibility" tab.
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    Following Guidelines

    How well a policy-maker can balance risk vs. reward, as you say, is a measure of their own skill and competence. If a politician is too heavily relying on scientists, as you posit, that's not science's fault - that's a failure in competency in the politician. Turns out it's important to vote for...
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    Following Guidelines

    It's bad science to make definite statements like that. In using what you call "weasel words", a study author (or scientifically-aware journalist) is acknowledging there could be flaws or shortcomings in the study that hopefully others will tease out, or a growing body of evidence will back up...
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    Following Guidelines

    If you're concerned that normal deaths being counted as COVID deaths is so rampant as to discount the reality of more Americans dying from COVID than from World War 1 or the Vietnam War, you can compare the "average" number of deaths we'd expect to be happening based on past years and then...
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    Following Guidelines

    Why you citing studies about influenza? Are you talking about mask's effectiveness in source control or in personal protection? Weasel words should be expected when health organizations are publishing guidance about novel diseases, where we're learning about them in parallel with trying to...
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    Back when I was talking with them I was told they have releases every two weeks. How far apart in time are the different versions listed in their release notes? Pressero Release Notes - Aleyant Systems and eDocBuilder Release Notes - Aleyant Systems?
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    Survey: Commercial Printing & the Pandemic

    Maybe they should update their web server first:
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    Long Shot? - Evo 5.6 Windows Client Issue

    I'm not familiar with the software, but is this drag-and-drop action essentially causing a client->server communication? Perhaps the server or client are getting IP addresses assigned via DHCP and the power outage caused them to get new ones? If they are configured to talk to each other using...
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    Excellent insight, thank you. Really appreciated you describing what products you transitioned away from and why. Happy to hear bugs are addressed fairly quickly!


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