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    Duplo Dusense doing labels

    We use 180 gsm. However, according to almost everyone i asked it will not pass. A more rigid and layflat surface is required. I am searching for something around 200 gsm or a bit higher.
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    Duplo Dusense doing labels

    Hello, I am in the process of purchasing a Duplo Dusense spot uv coater and I have been told that I will face challenges with label stock self adhesive. According to many I will need to find a thicker and stronger substrate for it to pass through the Duplo. Was anyone in this situation before...
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    Dynamic cutting of POD Covers - Duplo 618 or something else?

    So if I want to get the 618 to cut postcards and business cards that are laminated the results won't be good?
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    Lotem 400 local 3 card failed

    dear fellow friends i have a problem with my lotem 400. while in a job the machine fails to load the plate from the cassete and these errors show: Loader local 3 card doesnt respond (opcode 191) The operation "put" of "loader local 3 card" failed in addition to other errors that show in...
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    HELP! lotem 400 drum problem

    hi all so i have the lotem 400 year 2002 it is having a major problem. the plate loads and everything is fine and then sometimes before starting to print the plate the machine stops and says drum motor go to position failed or sometimes the plate loads and the machine starts to print it but at...


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