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  1. aaronchan

    Rendering intent

    I've seen this problem before and seems like is about the file rather than the rendering intent that you use. When your customer created the artwork, let's say from AI, he might start out with CMYK, then he, by somehow, imported an RGB image to it. On the screen, they both appear the same...
  2. aaronchan

    Setting up P7000 as a 6color printer

    Hi Guys, I have been working with CMYK printers for many years. And I have used some RIP with CMYK contone mode with CMYK+ printer for quite some time as well. But today, I have received a demo copy of Ergosoft RIP, which comes with neither CMYK contone mode nor RGB contone mode. That forces me...
  3. aaronchan

    Small dot in 0%

    have you try my solution? And do you know what's the difference between v2 and v4? If you can't even explain the difference, why bother to use a newer version?
  4. aaronchan

    Small dot in 0%

    what version of ICC profile did you make? if it was version 4, try version 2
  5. aaronchan

    i1profiler to create G7 Epson ICC profile

    I'm not familiar with your software, is there any graphics to show the NDPC or the K and CMY?
  6. aaronchan

    i1profiler to create G7 Epson ICC profile

    I'm no expert in any of your RIP. But I would like to ask a few things before I dig into it. For the RIP, do you do your linearization and ink limit before you step into the profiling procedure? If you do, how do you process your linearization steps? For inkjet + RIP, usually there are 2 methods...
  7. aaronchan

    G7 Usage

    Yes correct
  8. aaronchan

    G7 Usage

    I am a certified g7 expert. I wouldn't agree or disagree anyone's thought about the G7 method But I do use G7 method on inkjet printers, the reason is it is a quite good method to get conformance across multiple printers (same brand same model), so that all i need is to make 1 icc profile for...
  9. aaronchan

    Best Wide Format printer at 60+ Inches for Fine Art Photography?

    The only printer you could buy is the Canon iPF9400. The Epson 11880 is way to old and yes, they are replacing it with a newer model withing the next 6 months. But due to a lot of different types of problems, I would like to recommand you to use the Canon. I have used Canon and Epson before. I...
  10. aaronchan

    Question about acquiring the Oki C911 / C931

    Dear Lou I saw a youtube video which shows the C900 series has a special feature to print on textured paper with better result. Is that true? The video was using the C941, wondering if they had put that feature on the C911. Thanks Aaron
  11. aaronchan

    Question about acquiring the Oki C911 / C931

    Thanks for your reply Lou. I have heard the since the C931 has a bigger toner, so it will cost cheaper than the C911 Is that true? Also, how's the speed when it prints thick paper such as 250-300gsm? I get around 8 single side printed per minute with SRA3 paper on my KM C554e right now. aaron
  12. aaronchan

    Question about acquiring the Oki C911 / C931

    Dear all, I am a newbie on this forum. I am currently running a small printshop in Hong Kong with a Konica Minolta C554e, an OK machine for most of the jobs. But since I'm not getting too much jobs for this machine, I'm thinking of getting rid of it (a good friend would like to take it in a...


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