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    Print finisher - Jersey Channel Islands

    Just putting this out there to see if there is any interest. Small commercial printers in Jersey in the Channel Islands looking for an experienced print finisher, polar guillotine, stahl folder, muller and duplo booklet makers etc. If you think you might be interested send me a pm for more info.
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    A4 stitched booklet to A5 folder

    That’s pretty much what we did last year but it was pretty slow and we were worried about damaging the rollers when feeding stitched booklets in side on.
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    A4 stitched booklet to A5 folder

    Thanks for that. I agree on the finishing but this is a simple form that gets folded to A5 because its much cheaper to post locally that size. Once filled in it gets pulled apart and scanned hence just 1 stitch.
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    A4 stitched booklet to A5 folder

    Does anyone know of a folding unit we can hand drop an A4 12pp booklet into that has 1 saddle stitch on the spine that will fold it to A5. We have around 30,000 of these to do, last year we hand fed them into our Duplo booklet maker but i seem to recall seeing a " folding box" once you could...
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    Polar 92emc tube light and starter motor

    Can anyone help me with the specs for the light and starter motor for a polar 92emc. Its the tube light that sits above the blade.
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    Gto 52 tripping out

    We have an old single colour GTO we use for perforating. It is tripping out D5,6 and 7. If we hold these in it will run but there is obviously something wrong. Does anyone know which area of the press these trips and connected to?
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    Numbering font

    Hi. I am looking to get an Automatic hand numbering machine to re number sheets that get damaged in collating to match the numbering units from a gto 52. Does anybody know what font and size I need or can recommend a make and model that’s a good match. Thanks
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    Heidelberg Speedmaster 52 - Traditional vs Anicolor

    We have a SM52 and it’s a brilliant machine. It’s pretty quick to switch between process and spot colours and it churns the work out.
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    Duplo J6 error on stitcher

    Sorry it’s a dbm150. We have now resolved the issue. There was a damaged wire on the sensor lead where the small plastic finger is near the stitching heads.
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    Duplo J6 error on stitcher

    Hi. I was running a job today and I had a paper jam caused by a dodgy stitch stopping the booklet from transferring to the trimmer. I cleared the jam but the error didn’t clear and the machine wouldn’t run. I have tried turning on/off removing the stitching heads, checking the closing plates...
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    Polar 115 EM memory issue

    Hello. I am having issues with my Polar 115em not saving cuts. Sometimes I can save maybe 12 or 15 cuts on a programme before it just stops accepting them, other times it wont let me save any. it makes no difference whether I am saving them manually or on automatic programme. Any ideas? is there...
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    GretaMacbeth densitometer calibration uk

    Does anybody know of a company in the Uk that can calibrate a Great G Macbeth D19c densitometer?
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    Muller Martini Suckers?

    They look a bit like some of the suckers you can get for the hoppers, specifically the arm that opens the folded section. I think maybe they are used where a traditional sucker marks the job or to blank the ones that fall outside the job.
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    Stahl crossfold rollers setting

    Hi. i have just had the first set of crossfold rollers removed and reconditioned then replaced, was done by a local engineering company not a dedicated folder engineer so I am having to reset the roller pressures. I am having trouble doing this, I can get the rollers to fold but they are...
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    Hi all, i'm getting this problem after about 200 sheets, it starts off with a faint banding 80mm from the grip edge and again 310mm on the sheet as seen in the photos the really strange thing is im getting the banding on the blanket which is transferring to the sheet but the plate is completely...
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    stahl belts uk supplier

    Good afternoon. I am looking to replace the 2 sets of crossfold belts on our stahl folder, I believe part no's 231-260-0100 & 231-260-0400. Before I order from heidleberg is there anyone else in the uk that do these.
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    Palladio II issues

    We have recently purchased a reconditioned Palladio II. When we are plating cmyk we are getting about 2mm variation in the position between plates. All the plates are straight. Any suggestions please?


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