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  1. tommi_jorgensen

    Hi there, Does anybody know where to buy the black photo boards they are selling on They are about 20 mm thick, have a VERY hard outer shell, and a SUPER light. Best regards Tommi
  2. tommi_jorgensen

    Liquid to remove colors from Roland

    Thanks. Do you know which of the spray Nine products it is?
  3. tommi_jorgensen

    Liquid to remove colors from Roland

    Hi there, Just returning back to the office after the easter, and what a mess! Our Roland have sprayed out colors on the wall and floor. Does anyone know about some liquid to clean that up? The color is Roland MAX-3 if that can help. Best regards Tommi
  4. tommi_jorgensen

    SCTV formula in excel

    Hi Ben, I’m in the same situation here. Did you ever find an Excel file that could help you? best regards Tommi
  5. tommi_jorgensen

    Media for stickers

    Hi There, We are in searching for the correct media to print stickers placed on clothes, lunch boxes, shoes, backs etc. The stickers are used for kids in school, sports etc. No ironing or sewing, just peel off, and stick on a clean surface. Needs to be Waterproof, washing machine and...


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