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    Ricoh Pro c9210

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    Ricoh Pro c9210

    Ricoh Pro C9210. Also includes a full spare set of TCRU units. The machine has been under service contract for the life of the machine and we do have copies of the service records. Page count is Black: 704670 and Color 9318248. It has been a good machine for us. Pickup is preferred but would...
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    Poll: Switching to Affinity?

    I wanted to switch our whole company and gave it a try but just couldn't get past a few things. I would consider looking at it again after the next release. One of the main issues had to do with color and color management. A big one for me was it did not support spot color in EPS files. We...
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    Question about volume on Ricoh 9200

    Don't let anyone tell you something is overkill for your business. If you can justify it financially then go for it. It will help you grow your volumes much quicker because you will be able to take on more. You rarely kick yourself for buying something too good but you always kick yourself for...
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    Ricoh killed my service contract during covid-19 now looking for advice on black and white machines.

    If you have Canon in your area you should be able to pick up service. I wish Canon direct was in our area so I could keep the machine. Really was a good machine. We just had problems with the dealer from the start. PM me if you want to talk specs and price. I also have experience with the new...
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    Ricoh killed my service contract during covid-19 now looking for advice on black and white machines.

    The EX150 is an old kodak machine that isn't made anymore, right? I bet they can't get parts anymore. I have an Oce 6320 you can buy at a very good price. We had bought it from a canon dealer and they decided to stop servicing our account because they got a new hospital account and decided that...
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    RICOH Pro 9200 VS KM accuriopress C6100

    We got a Ricoh c9210 a couple of months ago and have put around 700k on it. It's a great machine. Loves heavy paper. We run 18pt and it runs as smooth as 60#. 7200 is a good machine also. We have the previous generation 7110.
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    Ricoh 9100: Slip Sheets and Speed

    Mixed media has always been a struggle for Ricoh. If everything matches in the paper catalog you shouldn't see much of a slowdown. Make sure to check the fuser temp setting for the paper. The best mixed media I've seen is on our xerox versant. You can mix anything together with no slowdown at...
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    OSX vs Windows 10 for Pre-Press...

    I've always been windows desktops and mac laptops so I use both together. Applications work the same on both and its easy to work between both platforms. It's personal preference for the os. mac desktops always seemed very expensive or not enough configuration. They need a regular computer tower...
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    Lets help each other with paper cost

    Yes it is. I don't like the endurance that veritiv has. Feels a lot lighter and sizing had been inconsistent. Xpri and explorer from lyndenmeyr seen like nicer more consistent produts .We normally use the 19x25 explorer and cut it before printing
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    Lets help each other with paper cost

    I by 11x17 20# global office from Lindenmeyr. Just went up to $14.20/m. I won't use econosouce even though it's slightly cheaper because it feels, prints, and curls like cheap paper. 12x18 80# test blazer is $30.60/m. Endurance from Veritiv is cheaper. I don't have the 12x18 80# price but I do...
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    Can I upgrade Fiery?

    Just use CWS 5. It's pretty much just visually a little different and it supports old and new. We have about 7 different generations of fiery system software from old to new and it all works on CWS 5. We just don't use 6 at all.
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    Bulk FedEx Barcode Scanning

    You can get a barcode scanner and scan the barcode data into excel as you stick labels on products (just wave the label under the scanner). Then at the end of the day, you can use that data to regenerate the barcodes that they scan one right after another on a sheet. Might take some basic...
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    Bulk FedEx Barcode Scanning

    So complicated. Just stick them on the copy glass and hit the green button before sticking them on the box. Instant copy. It's like magic from 20 years ago.
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    Problems sealing pressure seal pieces after printing on Xerox DP135

    I have a DP125 that we occasionally print pressure seal forms on. Never had a problem. Normally we print them on our Ricoh 8200 because they feed far better out of the vacuum feed drawers and the fiery on that processes the jobs much faster. I have done them on several other machines...
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    Fixed rate service contracts

    Welcome to service from Konica. They are famous for making an offer, then transferring your service to someone that won't honor the pricing and doesn't know how to service the equipment. Anybody should be able to lock in pricing for 5 years. You can write it into your contract that they have to...
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    Duplo 646 JDF workflow

    I have a 746. There is no JDF connection between Fiery and Duplo. It's something I've asked both Duplo and Fiery about several times. You define a layout in impose you would think it can carry over but it can't. You will be setting up every job in the Duplo job maker software. You can print a...
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    Laminator Options

    We recently got a qtopic laminator from Skandacor. We got the auto feed version but they have a manual feed for about half the price. If you call, ask for Jon. He is very knowledgeable and will help find something to meet your needs. It also lets us do foil in addition to laminating...
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    Cover a bit too loose w perfect binder

    However you can crease it as long as it's accurate and consistent.
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    Cover a bit too loose w perfect binder

    What's the cover weight? creasing/scoring covers should make a huge difference in book quality. Do you have a way to crease or score? You need to measure the thickness of your book with a caliper so you know where to put the creases. Also if your perfect binder does side glue you should hinge...


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