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  1. Mukul

    Hi, Yes

    Hi, Yes
  2. Mukul

    Alternatives to UD310, Automatic hang tag threading machines

    Uchida AeroDieCut comes with Compact form factor.
  3. Mukul

    White Ink for Kraft Board

    We're looking for possible options out in the market to produce good white Impression on Kraft Board in Single Pass. Hope there's a possibility cuz usually we've to print 3-4 passes to attain 70% Whiteness. And any suggestions for Kraft Board for sustainable packaging.
  4. Mukul

    Iridesse color consistency issues...

    That's weird to hear an Iridesse with Color Consistency Issues, We wouldn't have heard any excuse like such it did happen with Canon in our case & made a clear way for Ricoh although the tech aren't that good but had a convo with a EFI guy who said opting for higher fiery will offer greater...
  5. Mukul

    Ricoh Pro C7500 vs C7200X

    5th Color is the only reason we're opting for Ricoh with the use of Neon Pink & Yellow giving clients Pantone rich prints for brand value & style while using white, clear & silver for creative applications to embrace over of the embellishments. As of the new Ricoh Pro C7500 engineers says that...
  6. Mukul

    Ricoh Pro C7500 vs C7200X

    Coming from entry level Canon ImagePress we had some real bad experience now looking for a real horse to have a long ride along, had a demo for Fuji Revoria the new iridesse but was expense to operate in SASMA. Ricoh came out to be a perfect machine to work along with offset. Had few thousand...


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