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    Anyone else using an Epson SureColor T3270 with an M1 Mac?

    I might suggest sharing the printer from the old mac and printing to the device that way. Just my 2 cents from a technical aspect not owning the Epson SureColor T3270 to test.
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    HP Indigo 5500 black&white print out problem

    Good Afternoon, You need to look at your queue settings to see what parameters are set. Do you print directly to the press or import jobs via the queue manager. There is more to this than a single click change but it's not overly difficult. Knowledge of the HP Indigo Software will help you...
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    The floppy

    The old "Sneaker Net"... running between desktops with a ZIP as it was quicker then the TokenRing and appletalk.
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    PDF color differences Illustrator vs Indesgin

    Are you working in the same colour spaces? Sometimes Illustrator will default to a RGB Colour (File --> Document Colour Mode --> CMYK / RGB).
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    Barco Megasetter repair

    I was just telling the young guy here in PrePress about one of those.... LOL Do you remember the "Mondrian" that never made it to the mainstream. Unfortunately, I don't know of any "Barco" technicians off hand but do know a wide variety of servicemen that have worked on the likes of Scitex...
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    Screen Platerite 8100 Banding

    Hey Kandy, You noted your platesetter but not the plate material or what screen ruling you are using. Looks a bit like focus or vacuum problem but would be easier with more inof. Cheers!
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    PLATES: chemicals OR processless ?

    Fuji LHPJ is the best plate out there - hands down. Unfortunately, you have to process it and clean the machine regularly. We switched to the Afga TU (from the LHPJ) as a step towards processless plates. There is a gum that clears and seals the plate so it's ready for when the pressroom is...
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    Direct to Screen

    Are we talking shampoo bottles and such or am I way off. Have past experience with a Leuscher (SP?) DTS system that sprayed hot opaque wax onto a prepped screen, which then was exposed and ran through a hot water wash and blow dry setup. Format was VLF for a 108" Sias 8 color inline screen...
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    Esko or Kodak?

    Esko has a couple different imposition applications - one for packaging and "N-UP" work (PLato) and another for commercial work (FastImpose). As Peter already acknowledged, this workflow does well with JDF and you can probably use any existing templates you have as long as they meet the...
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    FlexRip 14.0 + 1-bit tiff file

    You need to use the Configurator to edit the dispatcher. Then use a Hot folder for input of a Normalized PDF. Best if used with the intended workflow but not a strict requirement. For a 1-Bit you will typically need the T4 flavour. My guess is that this is unlicensed software so don't expect...
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    FastImpose Users???

    Just set the mark alignment according to the PAPER using Horizontal and Vertical Lines Use Vertical Line and Paper Center and Paper Top for the Top of the sheet. Use Horizontal Line and Paper Left and Paper Centre for the left side. Use Horizontal Line and Paper Right and Paper Centre for the...
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    Imposition Software Costs

    Did you get a quote for Fast Impose from Esko? Runs quite well and will do things that the other ones cannot (at this point). Cheers
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    Closed Loop Systems used. Anyone still using LithoTel?

    Hi Longlimb, just went through major issues with our Lithotel setup on Tuesday and can feel your pain. Here's a couple things to try.... Our error was a runtime (-6) overflow which I thought pointed to the database as well. Seeing as we had issues back in 2008 I was familiar with where to find...


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