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    Duplo iSaddle v Horizon Stitchliner 6000 v ?

    The Horizon Stitchliner is JDF enabled for automation. With shorter runs, variability and all other parameters involved in brochures / booklet making, JDF will futureproof your production environment. Ultimate Bindery is our technology and can be integrated into most prepress workflow (ideal is...
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    Best imposition program for adding custom marks

    We are the developer of Ultimate Impostrip. Since Dynagram ceased operations, we have replaced the imposition process with several customers. Our solution is highly automated and eleminates the need to impose "job per job" manually. Also, all versions of Ultimate Impostrip are stand alone...
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    Imposition suggestions for digital press run

    We have a solution for you, contact me directly or via your Canon contact. Raymond @ imposition . com Ray Duval Ultimate TechnoGraphics
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    EFI Impose/Compose...

    Hi KDW, Most Ultimate Impostrip versions will do mixed portrait/lanscape (Dutch cut) impositions, automatically. Contact me directly if you would like to see a live demo. raymond @ imposition. com
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    EFI Impose/Compose...

    Stand alone, hot folder automation starts at only about $2.75 / day. Contact me to discuss your requirements: raymond @ imposition. com
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    Basic Imposition Software

    You can test for FREE our standalone (NOT a plugin) Ultimate Impostrip MUST, it is only $290 a year as a subscription or $550 for a perpetual licence. Since it is NOT part of a RIP option, it also gives you the benefit to impose for all your devices, regardless of their brands. This version is...
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    imposition sof

    Hola Xavier, Yes you can automate 100% of your impositions, especially for book manufacturing. Depending on the types of products, binding method, batching and other conditions upstream (for example, using Enfocus Switch), you can automate most. Input jobs can be PDF or JPG and can also be...
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    Drupa POSTPONED to 2021
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    Automated Imposition with Nexus?

    Hi Justin, We can propose Impostrip to automate the imposition process to generate a ready to print PDF and also connect with EPMS. We can discuss needs for gang runs and also nested impositions if required. Contact me directly at raymond @ imposition . com Thanks Ray Duval Ultimate...
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    Looking for an inexpensive number up calculator

    DABOB, Impostrip Econo+ at $1500 might do exactly what you are looking for. Please contact me directly and we'll look at your needs, build a proof-of-concept job and provide you with a FREE trial licence. My email is raymond @ imposition . com Ray Duval Ultimate TechnoGraphics See us at...
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    Imposition software

    Ciao Gianni, you should get recommendations based on your actual needs from a local integrator/reseller such as Pico We offer 7 different imposition software solutions and I am convinced you can truly benefit from looking at what we have. Ray Duval Ultimate TechnoGraphics...
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    Standalone Layout Software

    Hi Prepressbb, if (like your post title says) you are looking for a stand alone solution to impose jobs, that stay away from all plug-ins. With a stand alone approach you will not only gain software / RIP independence (impose for multiple devices), but also gain on speed. One of the best price...
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    Online Preflight services

    Preflighting PDF can be tricky (what do you want to check and which errors can be costly in your shop?) and at 199, EUR for 100 PDF per month, it comes down to 2 EUR per PDF (or is it per page?) The other consideration is Internet bandwidth and time as to do it online, you need to upload your...
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    Looking to move from Rampage to a new system.

    Hi acrom13, I looked at your Website (MPX) and I strongly believe our imposition solution, Impostrip is the ideal impositon for you as we can import Preps layouts/templates. All commercial work, including ganging can be done automatically at a fraction of what it would cost for something...
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    Web to print software required...

    For a reliable and affordable Web 2 Print solution, our partner Aleyant is it. They are the market leader and can be integrated with any size business and workflow. Pressero can be integrated with Impostrip to obtain an automate Web 2 Print (from orders to...
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    Multiples business cards with multiple backs

    Hi Tomlar1977 ! Depending on the exact back requirement (12 backs for each card? or only a few per names? or.....?), multiple possibilities can be done automatically in Impostrip. For instance, if the 1st PDF (PDF 1) contains 5 cards (5 names, 5 pages), you can create a layout where the...
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    Variable Data Cut and Stack Imposition - 5 Up

    For automated Dutch cut (5-up) and optimized gang run impositions (optimization based on jobs page sizes and quantity ordered), we offer Impostrip Automation. Free trial licences are available. If you want to know more, contact me directly via email. Ray Duval Ultimate TechnoGraphics raymond @...
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    Automated Imposition on Indigo 5500

    Pilla, If you have very small volume, then manual rotation should work for you. However this is time consuming and prone to errors. We are partners of Aleyant (Pressero) and HP and offer automation imposition solutions. If you want to see a live demo, contact me directly. Ray Duval Ultimate...
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    Who to contact for Upgrading our Preps

    To replace Preps and other legacy systems, you should consider Impostrip. We offer 7 different versions with advanced features. Pricing is much more competitive then EFI Metrix and others. We are an independent software developer. Contact us for a free consultation and for a trial license...


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