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    KM 14000 sheet size

    Put in a service call and let them know you can’t runner banner sizes. There is a dip switch setting they need to adjust.
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    Acrobat Pro Bug

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    Beware of X-rite Closed Loop Option, they will leave you stranded...

    I believe they (X-Rite) have Twitter and Facebook. Maybe vent you're problem with them there, you will generally get someone that will help you. Companies don't like it when their dirty laundry goes on social media.
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    Big Trouble

    I was told that people from the surrounding area were complaining of the smell. That was what started the investigation.
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    stand alone or webbased app

    We use Pressero for our B2B and Retail store fronts. We did not get the interactive designer for our clients, but there is one available. There customer service and tech support are top notch as well. Web to Print Storefronts, Web to Print Store, Web to Print for Printers
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    Dan Rather calls on President Obama to help save the news media

    They'll have a few beers at the White House and all will be well...
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    knife sharpening

    You can get that information from their website. They do pick up and deliver.
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    knife sharpening

    Hi rbailleu, We use Jorson and Carlson. Here is a link Welcome to Jorson and Carlson: THE SHARPER TECHNOLOGY Hope this helps, Shane
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    xerox 700 competition/ other options for upgrade at small digital shop

    I am curious. Is there any reason you have not had the Creo rip pricing included along with the EFI and Freeflow? I asked because we are in the market for an upgrade to our 240 and the Creo rip appears to be very robust. Is there any reason that I should think otherwise? Thanks, Shane
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    Trimmer on a Duplo 5000

    Oh yeah, especially the ones that don't cost money.
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    Trimmer on a Duplo 5000

    In case anyone was wondering. You have to set your trimmer back to it's home position :D
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    Trimmer on a Duplo 5000

    I was wondering if anyone has had the issue we are having with our Duplo. Our trimmer is off 1.25, meaning if we need to face trim a book at 5.5 we have to set our trim size to 4.25. I've read the manuals and unless I'm missing it there isn't a adjustment to correct the problem. Any help would...


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