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  1. minitprint

    Xerox OHCF Envelope Printing (Versant 180)

    Side seams made a huge impact on running #10 & #9 envelopes on the 180. It is what we use exclusively now on it.
  2. minitprint

    Adding Versant 180 to New Windows 10 Machines

    I hope this helps for the accessories not sticking. Go to Windows settings -> Devices -> Printers and Scanners. Left click the V180 -> Select Manage -> Select Printer Properties. Select the accessories tab. Ensure Two-Way Communication is selected and the IP address is correct. Ensure Update...
  3. minitprint

    Count (Martin Yale) FC114A Inconsistent Feed

    Has anybody else had issues with the FC114A feed? I have had the machine for several years, but still to date struggle getting it to feed consistently. This leads to folds and perfs not being straight. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. minitprint

    nuArc Metal Halide 26-1KS-2NT

    Accepting offers For video it operating, please go to Contact Jeff @ Minit Print 573-785-0931
  5. minitprint

    Linotype-Hell Herkules & Herkules Pro

    Imagesetters for sale The Herkules Pro was fully operation when removed from service, includes Xitron RIP. The Herkules is a spare parts machine. Contact Jeff @ Minit Print ( 573-785-0931
  6. minitprint

    Solna 425 Plus 4-Color Press

    SOLD Used Solna 425 Plus Press - Press is still under power. AccuFlow continuous damps Accel refrigeration and recirculation Tempest hot air drying system Versa III auto lubrication. Size: 19x25 inch Videos of the press running:


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