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    IntelliPDF Bates Pro

    We have Quite Imposing licensing, so I'll look into that. Thank you.
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    IntelliPDF Bates Pro

    Unfortunately, it was a no go. Right now I have found a copy of 32-bit Acrobat to run, but would like to get this plug-in to work so I can upgrade to 64-bit.
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    IntelliPDF Bates Pro

    I'm in the process of upgrading my computer to windows 11 and running 64-bit Adobe Acrobat. The only plug-in that I can't get to work in 64-bit is IntelliPDF Bates Pro. What programs are you using to stamp PDFs for page numbering and adding headers and footers? Why we like IntelliPDF Bates...
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    Non-printing background (Pitstop)

    So close, I got it to work going to a laser printer, but when the pdf goes through my rip (PRISMAproduction), the layer prints (even thou PrintState : OFF). So my guess is that Pitstop's background and Acrobat's background are two different things. When I add a background using Acrobat and turn...
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    Non-printing background (Pitstop)

    Thanks, I'll give it I try.
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    Non-printing background (Pitstop)

    I know you can add a background with Pitstop actions, but can it be non-printing? I'd like to use this to simulate color of the stock in a PDF proof. Thanks Nick
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    Darn, I thought this was going to be a Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World question. Flight of Passage is worth the wait.
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    Bacher 60 x 40 Rule up light table.

    Picked up where?
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    auto launch PitStop

    pitstop is my goto "tool", so i would love if Acrobat opened like the attached photo. AND when every you revert, pitstop toolbar closes, which is a pain.
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    auto launch PitStop

    Thank you Kyle. That work perfectly on the PC (Pitstop 2019). I did tweek it to have it open to the Global Changes, but that was an easy change. Now if I could only have the Pitstop tool palette open as the default.
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    The Printer's Burden

    Quote from my wife after sharing this with her... "Your critique has been the appetizer for many a meal…one of the first times you took me out to eat, you moaned about kerning…KERNING! Who notices that?! I didn’t even know what kerning was at the time! You’re lucky I didn’t end it right then and...
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    Select all pages except P1 and P2

    I'm new to creating actions, but if instead of select all pages can't you just use "select page" and then in the drop down select "page range" and have that be 3-
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    Fiery Command Workstation/Imposition&other on Xerox700i

    When this happens to me I have to convert the spot colors in InDesign to CMYK
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    Bizhub c8000 - Error code c-3802 - Any experience on how to clear it?

    1) utility key, stop, 0, 0, stop, 0, 1 (this will allow you to be in service mode) 2) press system reset (3) 3) press software dip switch setting (1) 4) left arrow so it reads 03 5) right arrow so it reads 01 6) touch off 7) touch return, close, exit, exit If step 1 doesn't take you to...
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    InDesign CS5.5

    I had that same problem in 5.5, but it was "fixed" in 6
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    How to resize a PDF?

    We use this a plug-in call autopage to do this all the time. AutoPagex Plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat® / Advanced Page Management Tools I would be lost without it.
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    how can i center the page in the Prinergy

    "Ctrl + Shift + C" doesn't that work for everything? :) sorry bad humor, it is getting close to Miller Time on a Friday.
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    Converting Microsoft files to PDF

    You can also add the Font Substitution button to the "ribbon" in MS Word so you can just be one click away to finding out if you are missing fonts..... file>options>Quick Access Toolbar>on the drop down select all commands> add font substitution to the right. Nick
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    InDesign Package Quesiton - why do i get files like this?

    I would guess that they are zipped on a Mac and unzipped on a PC.
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    Navigator Rip Manager

    One of the things the upgrade does that I'm interested in is the ability to enable/disable RIP from the client. Xitron Announces Navigator RIP Manager 3.5


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