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    Kodak Thermal Head - TH5

    Does anyone can help to setup a TH5, The TH2 commands, doesn't work anymore on TH5, We need to setup the media, but no luck. The "eng" commad doesn't work either. Any help is appreciated, Thank You.
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    Achieve V - EMCE keep rebooting

    We have an update, it turned out there are two 12pin headers close to each other on the EPDB, they were swapped. That fixed the issue, it doesn't reboot anymore. Hopefully this help others if they ran into similar issues:)
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    Achieve V - EMCE keep rebooting

    Also, we checked all SMC solenoids, they are functional But it looks like the distribution board (EPDB)might be turning OFF one of the four 24V outputs, that's might be causing the the reboot. Does anyone have seen this before?
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    Achieve V - EMCE keep rebooting

    Hi, We have the Achieve V ctp with ECME board Rev E. The workstation connection to the CTP is keep dropping every a few min (PS goes off and on) and the error we have on the log below. f 06Sep21 23:16:18.320: <EMCE> C SMC: ***** Unloader failed reading from register 0x72A at 0x31 full log is...
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    TH2 focusmode 0

    Hi, We have a trendsetter with TH2, but the autofocus (focusmode 0) doesn't work, it give media out of range error. The machine make plates with focusmode 1, but with lines. Head Install is good, sum and error are good (1200 -5). Any suggestion is welcome to fix the lines Thank You,
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    Kodak Xpo Tiff Downloader error

    What version if XPO? Running on which windows? Win 2000?
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    Lotem 800, exposing problems.

    Hi, We getting rain kind of artifact on the plate with Lotem 800V. Please see attached image. Could it be TSP or DDB boards causing the lines? Thank you,
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    Lotem 800II problem

    issue was fixed, One of the RS232 port was faulty on the PC COM Serial Card. we were able to figure out by swapping the Com7 with Com8 Cable and changing the .bat file on the Rcon folder. Thank you for all your replies.
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    Lotem 800 lines on plates

    Hi, We are getting lines on the plate too, but these line are very different from the lines talked about on this forums. Please see the attached image. Lotem 800V Any advise is really appreciated. Thank You,
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    Lotem 800II problem

    Hi, We are still stuck with the same issue. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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    Lotem error

    we had the same mismatched plotter expose lines required error... on a new install Lotem 800V The FIX: The problem was TSP cable was plugged into the wrong place on the DDB; the DDB board has two slot for the same type of cable.. hope this help for anyone who encounter this issue...
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    Lotem 800II problem

    thanks for your reply Ours was a new install; Rcon error doesn't allow to load the Lotem Application, Could it be related to com7 setup for the TMCE board?
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    Lotem 800II problem

    Lotem 800II Quantum - "Rcon starup failed.. timeout Lotem 800II Quantum - "Rcon starup failed.. timeout we are facing the same problem... Rcon startup failed... time out at the beginning (ms-dos) and lotem application crashes.. New install.. 800 II quantum TH2 head. Any suggestion is...


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