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    CTP Screen PlateRite Ultima 24000S w/Auto&Skid loader

    Equipment located in Mexico Contact: [email protected]
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    Ink where it shouldn't be, plate blinding?

    Hello folks, i've been having this issue with mostly magenta and reds, after a short run (2,000-5,000) we get ink in areas where there should be none and also in small text areas. Is this plate blinding or what is this called? We think it might be conductivity and/or pH related. Any feedback is...
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    Thin lines appearing on plates

    Follow up: After a little over a month since we stopped marking the plates directly with a knife we have had just one reported case of lines. You can see it coincides with the numbers where we used to mark the production order number. Didn't get a chance to check the roller surface for any...
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    Thin lines appearing on plates

    It wasn't a standard practice until new customer asked for it and we decided to do it for everything. We had lines before but it does seem they showed up more often after this.
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    Thin lines appearing on plates

    Roland 900. Maintenance checked the machine as well, but now that we are after flecks I am waiting for the next line to appear to check with a microscope. I just posted a sample picture with a marking where a small roll of aluminium forms at the end. And I just realized that on the first...
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    Thin lines appearing on plates

    Bouncing ideas off our master operator we narrow it down to the markings we make to identify operator, date etc. We use a knife for this purpose and a small speck or swarf is generated as in the picture. We will use some other marking method hoping this does the trick. Everybody's input has...
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    Thin lines appearing on plates

    No and no
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    Thin lines appearing on plates

    They go around almost all the way. Starting at where the plate meets the ink, but haven't look at the tail edge.
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    Thin lines appearing on plates

    All units and same place. I'll check a new plate and againg after. Thanks
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    Thin lines appearing on plates

    Lines are lighter and appear all along the area, most noticeable on non image areas but if the job is mostly light colors and the line appears on the black unit it will show all across
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    Thin lines appearing on plates

    Hello everybody, I am using Fuji LH-PJ positive plates and we are seeing that after around some 20,000 prints thin dotted lines start to appear and if left unattended they tend to "grow" into full lines. It has happened on all units. We have also noticed that the lines appear in the same...


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