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    Delta rip 6

    If you have tiff export option
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    Font management - Mac vs. Windows

    Multi platform. Easy set management. Works with server - one library for many designers. Can resolve font conflicts. Great preview
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    Font management - Mac vs. Windows

    FontExplorer for both platforms
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    Looking for someone to consult in house on Prinergy workflow

    Due to corona and closed borders between .ru and .us i can’t be there, but you can mail me
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    Whats it like in your Country / Part of the World?

    Russia. We’re working but many of clients are in lockdown. -75% (((
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    Laminating a digital print problem

    Use GMP Ultrabond film
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    CP2000 admin password

    Password is current date and time ie 190720182159 19-day 07-month etc
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    Illustrator - a good trick

    1. Don't rename it - just drag .ai to Acrobat icon 2. Use Touch up tool to extract missing image
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    What to do with an old Heidelberg Nexscan F4200

    sorry man, we use old good mac
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    how converting RGB to CMYK with text as 100% Black

    ok, look here: 1. using PS (edit - color settings - working spaces/custom cmyk) create two profiles with light black generation and maximum 2. open picture, convert it to your native CMYK profile 3. assign "light", convert to maximum 4. make a trap (image - trap - 1 pixel) 6. assign...
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    What machine or technology do you use for film output for silk screening? My old good Primesetter 74 is ready to die, all vendors ends up their setters. Any alternative? Plus and minuses?
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    Want to buy HDM Prepress Interface

    Subj. Original discs, box and installation code/dongle. Version 4 or higher (now named Pressroom Manager?)
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    What to do with an old Heidelberg Nexscan F4200

    use it! :D have nexscan 4100. Great for scanning X-ray photography
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    kodak service shell dongle for sale

    interesting. mail me kitfirst(at)
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    Looking for good Trendsetter service

    Hi, Thanks, just sent it.
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    Looking for good Trendsetter service

    I'm looking for new or refurbished thermal head for our Trendsetter 800 II Quantum Current head - TH 1.7 (32-4141А, made by Creo), want to replace for 32-4182А by Kodak Ready to discuss price of TH including shipment to Russia. Installation can be made by our specialists.


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