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    Xrite iPublish vs Fiery Color Profiler Suite

    What are the pros and cons of each software? Our needs are to color calibrate between machines (both are xerox, Versant 180 and Versant 280), and calibrate for better matching digital press proofs. (These are not for clients, we have an Epson for that.) We also are aware that color matching is...
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    Spectrphotometer Free Software?

    We have tried to create individual calsets and no matter, the V180 color is off. The measurements tend to say they are < 2% visual difference, however most print jobs are far out of color spec.
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    Spectrphotometer Free Software?

    Hi all, We have an Xrite i1 PRO spectrophotometer which was given to us by FUJI to calibrate our 40" presses and Epson proofer, and we use Xerox digital presses. We purchased a second hand V180, and since we purchased it earlier this year, the color has been very off. Much more saturated, high...
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    Duplo DC 616 Perf Unit Troubleshooting

    Amazing! I cleaned it off and we're good to go. Thank you
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    Duplo DC 616 Perf Unit Troubleshooting

    You can't. There isn't anywhere else for it go.
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    Duplo DC 616 Perf Unit Troubleshooting

    I reinstalled the Perf unit today, and now the machine is saying " Paper in Machine, Remove document from exit tray". When I remove the perf unit it goes away. I believe it has to do with the unit blocking the sensor, but why won't it recognize the perf unit is installed?


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