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    Altering Press Curves

    Gordo I so agree with you! So what kind of response do I give these press room guys who come running right to Prepress to see if A) a wrong curve was applied, or B) can we adjust to fix the problem? Rarely do we ever adjust the curve, but when we do it's just a bandaid to get them through a...
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    Deskpack and Illustrator CC2014 - Waiting on Esko, AGAIN!

    It does not show up on my software page??
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    PDF Overprint Preview

    Thank you Gentlemen! Dov, I tried PDF/X-4 but it did not give me the correct results. I am using Acrobat Pro DC Stephen, the only site I see for download is in German.
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    PDF Overprint Preview

    Does anyone know of a way to save a lo res pdf that will automatically show overprint preview? Many of our customers don't know how to turn this feature on in Acrobat. More importantly I want to be able to see things like white overprints (BAD) automatically and have them print with this feature...
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    Another farewell

    Best Wishes Bill!
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    Procedural question regarding PDFs

    I've been in printing for 32 years - NEVER assume anything :-)
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    RETIREMENT event

    After all those years in Prepress you most certainly deserve some R&R and ball chasing on the golf course. Happy Retirement and best wishes!!
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    Adobe Reader 9 Standard.

    If you can copy file to your desktop, open it in Illustrator and re save.
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    Epson 9900 Failed Cleaning

    You probably need a new $1800 print head... or a new printer depending on it's age.
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    Tired of my Canon Pro9000 MKII having ink flow issues

    We have an Epson 9900 (4 yrs old) to be put on Ebay. If you are interested please let me know. Besides that it constantly requests nozzle checks and cleaning, it still works well and great color.
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    Epson 9900 Failed Cleaning

    Be careful of this print head method. We did this twice and decided to do it a third time over the weekend (there was so much ink each time). Ink oozed out all over the carpet and we had quite a mess - beware! Cover the floor and keep an eye on it. Lynn
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    Epson 9900 Failed Cleaning

    Hi, Had the same experience with our 9900. Every cleaning had a failed message but seemed okay after. Constant auto cleaning and clogged nozzles. Exactly at 4 yrs. old just as predicted it was pretty much done. A new print head and labor was more than the machine was worth. The 9900 is still...
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    Gradient breaks in Printing

    Are these files by chance "old" - like from 5 years ago or so? Gradients (particularly in Illustrator) were created differently and would produce such banding. Check raster effects settings in the art file. If files were created years ago it would be beneficial to recreate the gradients.
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    Studio Auto-bottom Cartons

    There are a number of complicated folds including auto bottoms that won't display correctly in Studio. It's a terrific tool, but only works for about 1/2 of my projects.
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    Prepress Tips for Designers

    Very well said Mojoprime! We all have expertise to share to make everyone's jobs easier. Besides, who doesn't want to learn a new trick or two everyday! Thanks for the wonderful post!
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    Prepress Tips for Designers

    That's a classic. Has anyone else been seeing more and more art completely created in Photoshop (all type too)? Stop that!! I am forced to warn them that their type will appear fuzzy and that there is no trap to their 4c background and knocked out type.
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    Prepress Tips for Designers

    DKJ It's always great to hear from Designers who care what printers face. There have been so many instances we tried to reach out to Designers and make suggestions but usually this is not well received. When the print job then fails to meet their expectations the printer is always to blame. Wish...
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    Automation Engine Transition

    Hi Everyone! I work for a folding carton company. I am working on making the move from Nexus 10.1 to Automation Engine. We are having many issues with large complex files stalling in the Nexus Rip or erroring out for various reasons. Can anyone who is currently using AE send me concrete reasons...
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    the designer /customer KNOWS BEST !!!!!

    Packin'JP, It's like you read my mind! Been there so many times!!


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