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    UV ink causes dermatitis?

    I am working temporarily at our sister company, whose busy season is opposite of my department's. It is all digital printing, so I am curious to see when/how quickly my skin will clear up. Just being in finishing this week has helped, as well as the prednisone the allergist gave me. But this...
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    UV ink causes dermatitis?

    Now, more people are getting this rash. A prt time guy nowhere near the presses has the same thing. A Customer Service lady is concerned too, since she works in my press area, and is nursing her daughter. Is there any paperwork on respiratory problems that can affect babies through their...
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    UV ink causes dermatitis?

    I am trying to detrmine the cause of a recurring case of dermatitis that I have, which I believe to be connected to the introduction of UV ink in my area. I have splotchy red spots on my face, a bumpy red rash on my arms and neck, and my hands are a real mess. However, I do not work with UV ink...
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    Allergic Reactions to UV?

    I am not sure if we use UV coating extensively. The press I am near runs basic 4 color process UV. There are no files for the MSDS for these colors; I got a copy from our materials guy, who got it from the manufacturer. It was a joke, with the bare minumum of info - don't bathe in it, or drink...
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    Allergic Reactions to UV?

    I have had what i think is a reaction to UV ink. However, I don't work directly with it; the press 50 feet behind mine uses it occasionally. What I wonder is, can there be a mist or volatile compounds that get in the air? I had a severe rash - burning itchy, dry - which coincided with the...


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